The simple trick to recover the parquet and remove scratches from wooden floors

walk barefoot on tiptoe on parquet floor

The parquet brings a great value and elegance to the rooms, but requires certain care that you should not neglect so that it does not lose color, brightness and is not filled with scratches and scratches.

There is no floor that looks better than a well-kept parquet in good condition. However, keeping this type of material perfect is not easy and it is very normal that, with the passage of time, it suffers the appearance of scratches and scratches caused by dragging chairs and tables or walking with high heels.

Keep in mind that wood is a natural material and, as such, is very sensitive. But it is also sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. For this reason, if not properly cared for, it tends to deteriorate prematurely. In this sense, using carpets will protect the floor from these damages.

A possible solution to prevent the parquet from getting damaged can be to change the floor or polish or polish the one you already have, but, in addition to involving a considerable investment, it is also very cumbersome and dirty. Therefore, there are always remedies that will make your wooden floor does not lose its color or its original shine and continue to provide the elegance of always.

The solution: sunflower oil

The solution is as simple as rubbing a few drops of sunflower oil on a cotton cloth and rubbing in circles so that the marks disappear. In addition, if the floor has a darker tone, you can add a few drops of red wine vinegar to the mixture to make it take color. This is a very quick trick that will leave the wood looking like new, so it can also be applied to any damaged or worn furniture.

However, do not forget to clean the floor regularly with the right products, which should never be abrasive. The first thing to do is to sweep and vacuum the floor at least once a week. With this, in addition to the dust, all the dirt that we bring on the soles of our shoes is eliminated, as well as any little chinita, which can produce some scratches that damage the wood and result uncomfortable to the sight.

Rubbing in circles a cotton cloth with sunflower oil will eliminate the scratches.

Continuing with this , it is also advisable to pass a mop or a wood floor cleaner twice a month. It is also advisable to wax it twice a year to nourish the floor and give it a layer of and shine. Obviously, it is necessary to avoid direct exposure to the sun and to isolate it from humidity, drying the surface as quickly as possible if any liquid is spilled.

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