The solution to cool nights this summer: discover our foolproof tip!

High temperatures ravage Europe. In fact, “Europe has warmed faster than any other continent in recent decades, with temperatures rising at twice the global average,” says the European State of the Climate Report 2022, a document that warns of the extreme heat our continent suffers every .

Tips for a good night's sleep in the summer heat

Heat waves make it hard for us to fall asleep at night, except for those who have air conditioning at home. That's why we're giving you the basic you need to get a good night's even when temperatures are high.

A hot shower before bedtime

Given the high temperatures, it's best to avoid both hot and cold showers. The former won't relax us, as happens in winter, but will raise our body temperature. And the latter will light us up too much to go to bed and fall asleep. In these cases, the best option seems to be a warm-water shower.

Choose cotton pyjamas

To sleep comfortably, and without excessive heat at night, it's important to wear cotton pyjamas that feel cool. It's important that the fabric is 100% cotton, as it will keep us cool thanks to its ability to absorb moisture.

Don't drink too much liquid

While it's true that it's important to hydrate frequently during the summer, we shouldn't drink too many liquids before going to bed, as this will interrupt our sleep.

A light dinner

If we eat a heavy dinner, our body will use much of its effort digesting instead of lowering the heart rate, so it will be harder for us to fall asleep. We should also avoid stimulating , which activate our brain and nervous system.

Postures for a good night's sleep

All the experts agree on the best and worst positions for sleeping in bed. The best sleeping position is on your side, either to the right or to the left. Sleeping on your side will help prevent neck and spinal pain, improve lymphatic drainage in your body and improve your breathing.

This position is the most suitable for everyone, in general, and for pregnant women in particular. It's also the perfect position for snorers, since the throat won't be compressed.

Other recommendations for better sleep in summer

The worst position is to sleep on the stomach, as this produces more stress on the neck and affects muscles and joints. If we've ever slept on our stomachs, we'll notice pain in our arms and shoulders when we get up.

If we're among those who sleep on their stomachs, it's best to have a thin pillow, as this causes much less stress on the neck and spine. Another thing we need to know is that it's absolutely not recommended for babies, as it can cause what's known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

By following these simple tips, you'll be able to sleep comfortably even in hot weather. Take a lukewarm shower before bed, wear cotton pyjamas, avoid drinking too many liquids before bed, have a light dinner, choose the right sleeping position and avoid sleeping on your stomach. Enjoy restful sleep even on hot summer nights!

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