The Sunday night blues: how to fight them effectively?

The Sunday night blues is a well-known ailment that affects both adults and teenagers. This feeling of anxiety and depression can ruin part of our free time. But what can we do to avoid it? Discover the and advice of British researchers to overcome this phenomenon!

The Sunday night blues: a shared evil

The Sunday night blues are a feeling of anxiety and tension that many people experience at the end of the weekend. It is common among adults returning to work on Monday morning, but also among teenagers returning to school. Sunday means the end of leisure and rest, and the return to school or work constraints.

The causes of the Sunday night blues according to a British study

Researchers from the University of Exeter interviewed more than 650 people to understand the causes of this phenomenon. Among the most frequently cited triggers were the receipt of work-related e-mails during the weekend, unfinished work and performance pressure.

The progressive blurring of the boundary between private and professional life, accentuated by the Covid-19 pandemic, also has an impact on our and contributes to this Sunday night malaise.

Tips for fighting the Sunday night blues

To combat this unpleasant feeling, researchers suggest several tips. They advise managers to check in with their teams on Fridays and to organize “positive interactions” on Mondays. On their side, employees can complete their “to-do list” on Friday, to start the next week more serenely without thinking about it during the weekend.

Adopt good habits to make the most of your Sundays

It is also recommended to keep the same rhythm as the rest of the week, to relax or, on the contrary, to keep your mind busy so as not to be overwhelmed by those Sunday night blues. These strategies can help you to better apprehend the end of the weekend and to fully enjoy your Sundays without anxiety.

The Sunday night blues are a common phenomenon that affects many people. To combat this anxiety, it's important to put in place strategies and good habits to make the most of your Sundays. Thanks to the advice of researchers at the University of Exeter, you can now anticipate and overcome this feeling of depression and make the most of your free time. So, don't hesitate to apply these tips to live your Sundays with peace of mind and start the week with enthusiasm!

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