The surprising secret of a TikTokeuse to travel in first class for only 6 euros

Find out how this TikTokeuse managed to first class for only 6 euros thanks to a clever ploy. Travel lovers will this secret revealed to take advantage of the best deals on tickets.

The desire to travel at low cost

The quest for the perfect ticket : Who doesn't like to travel and discover new horizons, soak up , savor exotic gastronomy, meet new cultures and civilizations, or simply rest far from the daily routine? The first objective is to find a cheap air ticket to fly to the destination of your dreams. Thanks to low-cost airlines, this reality is more and more accessible for all budgets, even if the comfort is sometimes limited.

Prices that fluctuate: Airline ticket prices can vary greatly depending on the date and place of purchase, with differences that can reach several hundred euros. That's why travel experts are a hit on social networks when they share their for finding the best deals. A TikTokeuse and travel expert recently revealed her secret to getting first class tickets for only 6 euros.

The foolproof trick: credit cards

A revolutionary method: In a video posted in late October, @travelhackingmom explains how she managed to snag a first-class seat on a New York-Singapore flight for a ridiculous price. The trick is to open credit cards that offer benefits when you reach a certain spending threshold.

@travelhackingmom I was sitting in business class wh cub didn't suck but it's no Singapore suites! #awardtravel #creditcardpoints #luxuryflight #luxurytravel #travelhacks ♬ original sound – Travel Hacking Mom

Credit card points, the key to success: ‘For the past five and a half years, I've been traveling almost for free with my credit card points,' she confides. The trick is to use those points and miles to travel with almost no out-of-pocket . “We earn these points by signing up for a new credit card with a welcome bonus,” she adds. The method relies on canceling those cards, then opening the same credit cards to take advantage of the welcome points again.

The trick is to open and cancel the credit cards and enjoy the welcome points.

It didn't take long for this subterfuge to appeal to thousands of people on . The video went viral, reaching more than 10.8 million views in a few days and generating all sorts of reactions. Some Internet users thanked the TikTokeuse for her generosity, while others felt they would have preferred to use those points for other things.

A trick that makes the buzz

A general craze: Given the resounding success of this video, it is undeniable that the tip shared by @travelhackingmom has captured the attention of Internet users. This method of “hacking” credit cards to travel first class at a lower cost has aroused the enthusiasm of many people looking for good deals to travel without breaking the bank.

Mixed reactions: Despite the many thanks given to the TikTokeuse, some Internet users are more skeptical or critical about the use of this trick. Some mention the of repeatedly opening and closing credit cards, while others feel that the points could be better used for other benefits or rewards.

In conclusion, the tip leaked by @travelhackingmom has generated quite a buzz on TikTok, attracting the attention of millions of internet users. While this method of managing credit card points to travel first class at a discount may seem appealing, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before jumping in.

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