The three ‘miracle’ drinks that will help you lose weight fast

There are natural concoctions that, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can help you . These are probably already in your .

You've probably heard of the miracle drink that cures everything. More and more people are adopting the ritual of drinking a glass of this potion every morning on an empty stomach in order to lose weight. But that's not all: this blend also helps eliminate toxins, stimulates the digestive system and serves as a natural treatment for stomach problems such as heartburn or the uncomfortable sensation of bloating.

To enjoy all these benefits, all you need is a little lukewarm water and the juice of a fresh lemon (no added sugar) and you'll have before you a very healthy drink which, consumed every morning, helps the body to stay in shape from the start of the day.

Magic drinks for weight loss

Is it magic? Not really. At least, that's what experts say, claiming that there's no drink that can itself help you lose weight. “However, there are natural blends that, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can help stimulate ,” assures Caroline Pradeiro in ‘Prevention'. Here are some drinks that will probably surprise you.


The ultimate energy drink, not only does it wake you up, it also helps you lose weight. Experts claim that drinking between two and three cups of coffee just before exercising results in a much more intense and long-lasting workout. Exactly: you burn more calories than if you hadn't had a healthy dose of caffeine.

A study published in the journal ‘Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness‘ confirmed that athletes could do almost 20% more repetitions on a machine when they had consumed coffee. However, make sure it's black and with as little sugar as possible.

Ice water

As simple as saving ourselves the trouble of squeezing a lemon and adding a few ice cubes to our famous glass of water. Cold drinks stimulate the metabolism to burn more energy to maintain normal body temperature. “Drinking around 700 millilitres of iced water a day helps the body to eliminate up to 100 extra calories,” assures nutritionist Mitzi Dulan, who estimates that, if we do it every day first thing in the morning, we could lose up to four and a half kilos in a year. More economical and effective than the popular lemon-based blend.

Green tea

In addition to containing almost no calories – in its bagged version, it contains zero, although if we consume it in powder or bottle form, it might contain a few calories from ingredients such as added sweeteners – green tea stimulates the body to burn fat.

According to research published in ‘The Journal of the American College of Nutrition‘, people who drank four cups of green tea a day for two months lost an average of two and a half kilos more than those who drank only water. And it's not the only one: a previous study carried out in 2013 and published in the ‘European Journal of Nutrition' found that regular green tea drinkers weighed less and had smaller waists, probably, the scientists explained, thanks to the catechins – flavonoids directly linked to weight loss – it contains.

There is no “magic drink” that will make you lose weight overnight. However, by combining a healthy, balanced with regular consumption of these three drinks – coffee, iced water and green tea – you can boost your metabolism and promote weight loss. Remember, it's always important to consult a healthcare professional before starting any diet or weight-loss program.

So, are you ready to incorporate these drinks into your daily routine for a healthier life and slimmer figure? Remember, the key is consistency and patience. Good on your journey to better and a slimmer body!

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