The trick of cling film to clean the fridge in seconds

If you are tired of spending time and energy to clean stains and debris from the shelves of the refrigerator, with this trick you will have it much easier.

tasks can become a very cumbersome process, especially when you have to remove dirt from the inside of your appliances. The refrigerator is one of the most sensitive appliances when it comes to cleaning it, for several reasons: it houses the food we eat, which on the one hand must be kept in a clean and neat space for conversation, and on the other hand it is also common for it to leave stains and debris; in addition, it is often difficult to reach all the corners of the shelves and drawers unless we disassemble them to clean them, with the effort and time that this entails.

If we do not clean the refrigerator frequently and correctly, we run the risk of food deteriorating, smelling bad or lasting less time in good condition, with the to our that this implies when we are going to consume it. It must be taken into account that many times it is inevitable that a food container leaves leftovers, or that a drink or sauce drips even a little and leaves its dry marks.

To make the unavoidable process of cleaning the much simpler, more practical and quicker, we are going to tell you an infallible trick that will save you a lot of time and trouble.

The trick with cling film

Putting this trick into practice is as easy as lining the refrigerator shelves with cling film, or at least the ones that are hardest to clean (for example, the lower and upper ones) or the ones that are most prone to staining from the food we usually put on them. This will make our life much easier, since to keep everything clean we will only have to remove the plastic wrap when it gets dirty and replace it with a new one.

Lining the refrigerator shelves with cling film makes cleaning much easier.

Undoubtedly, this method is much less laborious and faster than cleaning the refrigerator shelves themselves. It is advisable to change the cling film once a week, or at most every two weeks, even if you do not notice any stains on it. In addition, it is important that you extend it correctly on the shelf, and that it is sufficiently tight so that there are no wrinkles, but without overdoing it so that it does not break.

Carrying out this film trick correctly will help you to prevent bacteria from accumulating in the refrigerator, to prevent food from deteriorating and even to save energy, since the accumulation of dirt causes the refrigerator motor to act more intensely to maintain the temperature.

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