The trick of placing a wine cork in the fridge to get an incredible effect

If you do not know how to eliminate bad smells from your and freezer, we are going to give you a home remedy with which you will achieve it in just a few hours.

What would become of us if we didn't have those household appliances that make our daily life easier? Washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves… the technological evolution of our society is also noticeable in all those appliances that fill our kitchens, but some homemade are still necessary for these devices to work properly.

For example, we recently told you the home remedy to recover the sweaters that had shrunk in the washing machine, but there are also tricks to clean the glass of the Thermomix and so with all the appliances in our home. But if there is one appliance that we use daily and that is fundamental in our day to day is the refrigerator.

The problem with the refrigerator is that it is not always as clean as we would like. There we place fresh next to other packaged food, tupperware full of food, etc. And, if we are not very attentive that everything is eaten on time, we run the risk that something spoils, causing an unpleasant odor that is not easy to eliminate. Fortunately, we also have a homemade trick for this case.

What is a cork in the fridge for?

In almost every house there is usually a cork available from time to time, since Spain is one of the countries in the world where we consume the most wine. These corks are usually thrown away, but now you will discover that they have a second life that is also very useful: they will help you to eliminate bad smells from your fridge in just a few hours.

The porosity of the cork will absorb both humidity and bad smells.

This trick consists of placing a cork on any shelf of the refrigerator or even splitting it in half and placing each of the parts on different shelves. The porosity of the cork will absorb both moisture and bad odors from the fridge as if by magic, so that the next day, your appliance will smell like new again… as long as there is no spoiled food inside, of course.

What's more, we recommend that you repeat the same operation in the freezer, distributing a cork or at least a part of it in the different drawers, as the odors will also disappear from there. And if you want to go big, put a drop of some essential oil on the cork before putting it in the fridge or freezer (for example, lemon or rosemary), as this will help to perfume the interior in the most comfortable or simple way.

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