The true (and very effective) use of your washing machine’s third compartment

As a general rule, a washing machine has three separate compartments in its drawer, each with a specific use to optimize its operation. The first is designed to hold the detergent that cleans our clothes, while the second is reserved exclusively for fabric softener, which makes our clothes soft and fresh-smelling.

However, it's quite common for users to mix up the compartments for detergent and fabric softener, which reduces efficiency during washes. What's more, the need to rewash clothes increases the electricity bill.

The unknown of the washing machine: The third compartment

Once you've clarified the purpose of these two compartments, you've probably wondered what the third is for. Indeed, it remains a great mystery to most users. Few people use it, simply because they don't know what it's for, even though it could make your washing machine's programs much more efficient.

Goodbye tough stains! The third compartment is actually for pre-wash detergent, which is particularly useful for heavily soiled or stained garments. This step, performed before the main wash cycle, helps to weaken dirt and stains, making them easier to remove.

How to use the third compartment

To use it, simply add a certain amount of detergent or bleach and select the pre-wash cycle on the washing machine. Remember that this step is not always necessary. Pre-washing is crucial when clothes are heavily soiled or have stains that are difficult to remove, such as work clothes or those worn at the gym.

By using this third compartment, the toughest stains disappear more quickly, making it an indispensable tool for keeping your clothes cleaner. You'll get better results when you wash your clothes.

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