The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Garden in April: 5 Must-Have Tips

April is a key time to take care of your garden and prepare it for the beautiful season. Discover the 5 essential actions to take in April for a resplendent garden!

1. Transplant your dahlias for a festival of colors

The ideal time to transplant your dahlia tubers is when the soil has warmed up enough and is no longer too wet. Soak the tubers in water for a few hours before planting, unless your soil is still very wet. “Choose a sunny spot” for your dahlias and bury the tubers five to 10 cm deep. Don't forget to put a stake in the ground at planting, which will be used later to stake the heavy stems.

2. Fertilize your potted plants for a great start

With the return of warm weather, your potted need nutrients to get their energy up and running. From the first days of April, start weekly applications of liquid fertilizer or apply slow-release fertilizer. Your potted plants need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements to grow.

3. Pamper your strawberry plants for a bountiful harvest

To get a bountiful crop of juicy in early , aerate the soil between rows of strawberry plants well in the spring. Just before flowering begins, spread mature compost around the plants. Use a layer of straw mulch to prevent gray mold, and spread the mulch after flowering to keep ripening fruit dry.

4. Prune forsythias for spectacular blooms

forsythia plants will help stimulate re-vegetation and the formation of young, flowering shoots for the following years. Prune forsythias after flowering, first cutting back the defoliated branches by about a third. Then, cut the stems that are five years old or older flush with the ground, on a biennial rotation. For the largest branches, use a branch cutter.

5. Take care of your apple trees to avoid tumors

trees, and sometimes pear or hawthorn trees, can fall victim to red woolly aphids whose bodies are covered with white waxy secretions. Their sucking activity can cause damage called tumors. To control these pests, you can destroy their nests simply by using a good brush or by cutting them out with a knife. This way, you contribute to the of your fruit trees and to a bountiful harvest.

By following these 5 must-do , your garden will be ready for the new season and dazzle your visitors. Don't wait any longer to put these tips into practice and enjoy a beautiful garden this spring and summer!

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