The ultimate secret to whitening yellowed plastic on your appliances

Discover the simple and economical method to restore the plastic of your appliances to their original shine! Don't wait any longer to give them a second youth!

The reasons behind the yellowing of plastic

Over time, the plastic of many household appliances ends up yellowing, making them much less aesthetically pleasing. This discoloration is mainly due to direct exposure to sunlight, cooking fumes or even cigarette smoke, if you smoke at home. Whatever the reason, removing this yellowish color is not an easy task. Abrasive products such as bleach or alcohol can damage the surface, making the remedy even worse than the problem.

The miracle solution to restore the original white

Thanks to a foolproof tip shared by a famous influencer, restoring your plastic to its original white color becomes a breeze.

The trick: use hydrogen peroxide cream

Just use hydrogen peroxide cream, gloves and cling film. Start by cleaning the plastic well with neutral soap. Once dry, apply the cream generously so that it penetrates all corners. Then, cover the treated area with transparent film and leave it on for 24 hours to avoid any interference with airborne particles. After this time, remove the film, clean up and you're done.

A few to make the process easier: if the sun hits the plastic while the cream is working, it will improve the process. Also, some plastics, due to their composition, require more than 24 hours of action. In this case, repeat the operation and increase the application time.

An effective and economical method

With this simple trick, you can restore the original white of PVC windows, the inside of the refrigerator, air conditioning units, microwave or toaster. The same goes for roller shutters or to remove dirt from the soles of sports shoes. However, it is recommended that you first in an inconspicuous area.

In addition, this method is economical, as hydrogen peroxide cream can be purchased at hair salons or on . It is available in several concentrations. Concentrations of 20 or 40 are the most commonly used. So, to bring your appliances back to life without spending a fortune, follow this simple and economical tip. Don't wait any longer and restore your plastic objects to their former glory!

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