The ultimate tips for covering up your gray hair without dying it (and what not to do with it)

White hair often appears too early in our lives, and we are desperate to camouflage it. Discover in this article some to hide your white hair without damaging it, as well as the mistakes not to make!

Alternatives to hair dyes that damage hair

Dye sprays to mask the first gray hairs : When faced with the appearance of , we often think of using semi-permanent dyes or products that wash out. Unfortunately, these products can contain harsh ingredients that dry out and damage the hair and scalp. A gentler alternative is the use of sprays. Although they don't last long, they will help you out without damaging your hair.

How to style your hair to hide white hair?

Add volume and play with stripes: One of the to hiding the first gray hair is the way you your hair. If you always wear your hair in the same style without volume or in a ponytail, your white hair will look more abundant and will be more visible. By adding volume to your style, however, you'll hide it among the rest of your hair, especially on your forehead and roots. People with curly hair are lucky because gray hair naturally blends into the curls and is less visible at first glance.

Braids for a trompe l'oeil effect: Braids, especially when used as a headband or bun, are another clever technique for hiding gray hair. By braiding your hair, white hair is cleverly blended with the play of light and shadow created by the braid. Plus, it's a practical hairstyle for everyday wear, even more so if you have highlights. Highlights also help camouflage white hair and are less harmful to the hair than a full permanent dye.

Accessories to hide white hair

The essentials to hide the first signs of : Hair accessories are also your allies in hiding white hair. They are perfect if you don't have enough hair to braid or if you want to show your fun side. Headbands are great for covering up early gray hairs, especially those visible at the roots. Hairbars and hairpins are great for shaping your hair and positioning it to your liking, hiding what you don't want to show. If you are very concerned about your gray hair or have a lot of it, you can always opt for a cap or a bonnet, especially in winter. In , you can use scarves to cover your white hair.

Mistakes to avoid with your white hair

Never pluck your white hair: The last piece of advice we give you is to never pluck your white hair. Contrary to popular belief, this does not cause seven more gray hairs to appear. However, with each hair you pull out, you gradually damage the hair follicles, which can cause alopecia. Leading a healthy and balanced life, practicing regular sports, not and avoiding excessive stress are keys to preventing the appearance of premature white hair.

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