The ultimate trick to ensure your fingerprint sensor never fails: it’s absurd, but very useful

If you own a cell phone with a fingerprint sensor, you know that it doesn't always work properly.

Normally, this component performs its function and unlocks the device, but sometimes it does not recognize the fingerprint correctly. Today we will present one of the most useful for the fingerprint sensor of almost any smartphone. It can be done on almost any cell phone on the market with this unlocking system and we highly recommend you to put it into practice.

Fingerprint sensor often fails, is there a solution? The main reason why the fingerprint sensor fails, whether it is located on the screen, on a physical button or on the side of the phone, is that the fingerprint is not positioned correctly. It may not seem like a big deal, but a millimeter is a lot when it comes to analyzing a fingerprint.

When you first set up your fingerprint, your smartphone scans the parts of your finger that you placed on the sensor. It is likely that you do this quickly and the sensor does not read the entire fingerprint. Therefore, sometimes the fingerprint sensor is not able to recognize your finger correctly and generates an error. In this case, you have to replace your fingerprint.

If this happens to you regularly, there is a very simple trick. Just go to your phone's settings, look for the fingerprint unlock section and click on “Set up another fingerprint”.

When the process starts, do not choose another fingerprint, but scan again the one you usually use to unlock your device and that you have already set up. Try to do it with the outer parts of the fingerprint, with the tip, etc.

Some devices allow you to set up to 5 fingerprints. We recommend that you set up the same fingerprint 5 times in different positions. This will give your phone much more information about your fingerprint and unlocking will fail much less often. And most importantly, it will not make your device less secure.

Can we do this on all smartphones?

Almost all manufacturers allow you to set up multiple fingerprints to unlock your device, but some don't offer the ability to set up the same fingerprint twice. If you try, the configurator will tell you that you have already registered that fingerprint and you need to set another one.

The good news is that this only happens on a few smartphones. Chances are you can enroll your primary fingerprint multiple times and solve the fingerprint sensor issues. Have you tried it?

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