The Unexpected Length of Time it Takes To Truly Fall in Love – Relationship Experts Explain All!

is a complex emotion that many of us want to experience. But how long does it actually take to fall in love? A recent study found that it takes just over two months for people to feel truly smitten with their significant other, but can it really be measured in time? To answer this question, we spoke to relationship experts who have weighed in on the matter.

Falling in Love Differs from Person to Person

Relationship experts agree that there is no definite answer to how long it takes to fall in love. According to therapist Dr. Amy McManus, “Each person's experience of falling in love is different, and the length of time it takes to fall in love varies vastly from one individual to another.”

Some may develop strong feelings quickly, while it might take others longer. How quickly someone falls in love also depends on their relationship — if someone has been single for a long time or has experienced multiple breakups, they might find themselves falling in love more quickly.

Factors That Impact Falling in Love

But what are the factors that influence how long it takes to fall in love? Here are the key elements that come into play:

  • Circumstances: If a couple meet under intense circumstances, such as during a natural disaster or while travelling, they may become emotionally invested quicker than usual.
  • Physical Attributes: Physical attraction can play an important role in falling in love. Someone may feel an instant connection to another person based solely on physical appearance.
  • Men vs Women: Recent studies suggest that men are more likely to fall in love quickly compared to women. The reasoning behind this could be that men are less cautious when it comes to love.

How to Identify True Love

While it can take some time to fall in love, you may still be wondering what true love looks like. For starters, true love includes respect, trust and . Dr. McManus shares that true love should make you feel secure, accepted and appreciated, and it should nurture your personal growth. She further notes that true love doesn't involve any kind of possessiveness, control or manipulation.

Tips on Finding and Nurturing Love

is one thing, but nurturing and fostering it is quite another. Here are a few from experts to help ensure that your relationship lasts:

  • Prioritize Spending Time Together: Setting aside quality time for your partner will help deepen your bond and build trust.
  • Communicate Honestly: Being open and honest with each other is essential for a healthy relationship. Share thoughts and feelings openly with your partner so that you can both understand each other better.
  • Be Supportive: Show your partner support through challenging times, as this will create a stronger connection between both of you.

Ultimately, how long it takes to fall in love is unique to every person. While it's a journey that can't be rushed, taking the time to identify true love and nurture it can make all the difference.

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