The unsuspected secret of aluminum foil that will save you time and effort when ironing

Aluminum foil is one of those must-have found in almost every . Its use is so widespread that it has become a real ally in our daily lives. We're used to preserving after opening its original packaging, but aluminum foil has many other, lesser-known uses.

An unsuspected ally for your household chores

Aluminium foil is a great ally for many less conventional uses. For example, it can help remove dirt from the bottom of pots, pans and paellas. Simply crumple it up and use it like an abrasive sponge. If you add a mixture of and white vinegar, it's even better.

Aluminium foil, a miracle solution for your kitchen utensils

Aluminum foil is also very useful for keeping your oven clean and preventing liquids and other ingredients from soiling the inside of this household appliance. In addition, it can be used to sharpen knives and scissors, polish silver that has lost its shine or even say goodbye to frizzy hair.

A partner in ironing

“You'd never have thought that a thin, completely malleable sheet could be a great ally when it comes to ironing”. And yes, you read that right! All you have to do is remove the cover from the ironing board and cover it with aluminium foil, leaving the remains inside. Once this is done, and always with the shiny part facing upwards, replace the cover.

This trick will make ironing much easier and quicker, reducing the effort and time needed to leave your clothes wrinkle-free. Why? Because aluminum foil has a great capacity to reflect heat, which makes ironing much more efficient and acts like a second iron, but on the side of clothes that aren't being directly ironed.

Covering your ironing board with aluminium foil saves time and effort.

As a result, creases will disappear in less time by receiving heat from both sides, so there will be no need to turn them over. The aluminum foil will take care of making your clothes smooth by ironing only one side. All that's left to do is put this homemade trick to the .

Aluminium foil, a precious everyday ally

Aluminium foil is truly one of those items that is present in almost every kitchen, and its use is so widespread that it has become a great ally in our daily lives. Although it is generally used to preserve food once its original packaging has been opened, aluminium can have other, much less well-known uses.

“Aluminum foil, a hidden kitchen treasure with a thousand and one uses”

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