The used lemon trick from a ‘tiktoker’ that can change your glass-ceramic cooktop forever

The glass-ceramic hob is like a mirror and suffers a lot cooking after cooking. Therefore, it is essential to keep it always shiny and we tell you how to do it with a lemon.

When it comes to , there are not many differences between a glass ceramic or induction hob, as both have a glass surface that is very easy to clean if you follow a correct and daily maintenance. However, when cooking it is inevitable that residues will stick to the surface due to the action of the heat and, if left too long without being removed from the surface, they can become dry and make subsequent cleaning difficult.

Many people use a specific product from the supermarket and a scraper to completely remove the dirt from this appliance. It is practical, although somewhat expensive, so there is always some homemade trick that can be used to clean burnt and stuck stains from the glass ceramic and improve its brightness.

In addition, the solution we propose allows you to reuse remains that, otherwise, would have ended up in the , so it collaborates with the environment to be a sustainable measure with the planet. It is only a question of practicality when it comes to keeping your spotless against grease and dirt.

The trick is in the lemon

The degreasing power of and vinegar has been mentioned many times. In fact, they are the two products that provide solutions for cleaning almost everything. However, this time we are talking about lemon, another of those wonderful products that make household chores easier.

The citric power of this turns lemon into a powerful cleaning tool. On numerous occasions, lemon is often used for cooking and squeezing a few drops to prepare a tasty and then we do not know what to do with what we have left over, so, instead of throwing it in the trash can, we propose you to take advantage of it.

Just pour a little baking soda on the glass plate of the glass ceramic hob, a drop of dishwashing soap and, with that mixture, rub with the lemon that you have left over with energy and conscientiously. The degreasing action of the lemon and the obtained mixture will do the rest. Then rinse with a microfiber cloth and dry instantly. The plate will be shiny and shinier than ever. Paula Seitón tells it on her Instagram profile that offers “tricks of order, cleaning and deco“. Try it!

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