The viral tip for getting rid of dust on surfaces

It's sometimes difficult to get rid of dust on certain surfaces. Fortunately, one user shows us a very useful product for removing it effectively.

Day after day, we have to find ways to keep dust at bay. So it's best to use simple, quick and effective methods that don't require too much time or effort, as we'll be forced to repeat them over and over again to prevent dust from spreading uncontrollably around our home.

To help us with these tasks, we can use specialized products for the purpose, but we can also find some very useful home remedies to get rid of dust and dirt. We've already explained how to clean the house using products such as vinegar or shaving foam, and this time we're going to reveal another trick you probably didn't know about.

This tip has gone viral on TikTok, thanks to user @mrsjohalshome. In her video, she shows us how to use a certain dusting product that might surprise you: baby oil. In general, this type of oil is used to keep baby's soft, especially during the first few weeks of life, when baby's skin is more delicate and a product like this can be used to soothe the baby and make him feel better and more comfortable. Some adults even use it for moisturizing and beauty care.

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If you have or have had a baby at home, you probably already have one of these oils in a cupboard somewhere, so you can reuse it for these tasks. If not, you can even try buying a bottle to try this trick, as the price is quite affordable. The tiktoker uses Johnson's regular oil, but in principle, any baby oil of more or less decent quality will do.

As you can see in the video, the trick is to put baby oil on a cloth and rub it on refrigerators, chrome surfaces and leather clothing. Baby oil is very effective at quickly removing dust from these surfaces, and you can combine it with other products to clean different household .

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