The way you hold a pen says a lot about your personality

Did you know that the way you hold a pen can tell a lot about your hidden character? Indeed, habits are often a way to really know a person. So, for today, we invite you to look at the illustrations and choose which one fits you best.

What does the test say if you hold the pen like picture number 1?

If you are used to holding the pen between your index finger and thumb, you are among those who learning new things. Thus, you love to gain new experiences and explore new places. At the same time, you are a rather mysterious person. In fact, you rarely reveal the details of your life even though you are quite extroverted. In other words, you have the art of discretion while being the life of the .

However, you may encounter difficulties when you have to expose your emotions. In hurtful situations, you prefer to suppress your anger and deal with it in your corner. Moreover, you do not like to be seen in messy situations.

Revelation about those who chose illustration 2

In case you hold your pen with your thumb overlapping your fingers, it shows that you are relentless. In this sense, nothing can stop you from getting what you want. Besides, you are an ambitious and go-ahead person who acts according to your emotions.

In addition, you tend to overanalyze things and situations and to surround yourself with people who help you bring out the best in your . However, you can be easily hurt and are sensitive and insecure.

What does it say about you if you hold the pen like in picture 3

If you hold the pen between your index and middle fingers, you are a very social person who enjoys human . However, you hate gossip and criticism that others make behind people's backs. You are interested in world problems, national news, the economy and international issues.

On the other hand, you share your emotions only with those you trust the most. At the same time, you are not at all a resentful person and avoid wasting your energy on negative emotions. Thus, thanks to your forgiving nature and your ability to keep the peace, you are much appreciated by your friends and .

Revelation about those who hold the pen as the 4

Finally, if you hold your pen between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger, it reveals that you have two sides. So, depending on the need, you can be both analytical and emotional. At the same time, at times, you may experience sudden mood swings.

In general, you are a very kind and generous person. However, you tend to be a bit critical and can be very judgmental of people and things.

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