The Witcher” confirms a fifth season on Netflix

has a life beyond . The series, based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, will have a fifth season. Confirmation comes from its casting director, Sophie Holland, who revealed in an interview her plans for the future.

Rumors of a possible series cancellation have been dispelled. It seems that Netflix has full confidence in Lauren Hissrich and her team, which is why they've given it the green light. While the original strategy was to extend The Witcher to seven seasons, Henry Cavill's departure dealt a blow to .

“We're about to start shooting the fourth season with Liam Hemsworth and there will be a little break before we go straight into the fifth season,” Holland told Deadline. The casting director refrained from commenting on Cavill's departure and gave her vote of confidence to the new Geralt of Rivia.

I probably won't comment on that. I'd to, but I'm not going to. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Liam brings. He's got a huge fan base. The fourth season will be a good mix of new characters and familiar faces. Sophie Holland, casting director for The Witcher

Back-to-back shooting plans were revealed in September, when Redanian Intelligence reported that Netflix plans to film seasons 4 and 5 with a short break. With the scripts ready, The Witcher season 4 will not be affected by the writers' strike. If all goes according to plan, filming will start next September and finish in May 2024.

The Witcher could end in third season

The third season of The Witcher kicks off on June 29, and will be the last in which we'll see Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The actor confirmed a few months ago that he would not be renewing his contract with the Netflix series, a decision that came as a surprise to all fans.

Interestingly, The Witcher may have come to an end with season 3. In an interview with Total Film MagazineLauren Hissrich declared that everyone felt Henry Cavill's departure and thought about bringing Geralt's story to a close.

It was time for him to move on. I think we all grieved in our own way. We had the opportunity to end the series for Geralt.[Butit'snotsomethingwewantedtodoTherearetoomanystorieslefttotellLaurenHissrichheadofTheWitcherseries[Maiscen'estpasquelquechosequenousvoulionsfaireIlrestetropd'histoiresàraconterLaurenHissrichresponsabledelasérieTheWitcher

Perhaps the most ironic part of these statements is that the showrunner said that if they had replaced Geralt with another Witcher, they would have strayed completely from the books. This last statement is a blow to fans of the novels, who have seen that Hissrich and his team of writers have not respected the source material. This lack of professionalism has already been pointed out by other screenwriters, and it would appear to have been a decisive factor in Henry Cavill's departure from the project.

The Witcher could redeem itself in its third season, to be released exclusively on Netflix on June 29.

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