The World Health Organization warns against AI in health!

The World Organization has expressed concerns about the use of AI tools such as in healthcare, saying that the data used can be biased and generate misleading information that could harm patients. While WHO recognizes the potential of AI, it calls for caution and urges careful monitoring to ensure safe and effective use of the technology.

AI chatbots also raise concerns about serious errors and biases in the information they generate, as well as the of sensitive data such as health data. WHO therefore calls on governments to regulate and oversee the development of AI to ensure patient and protection.

The ethical principles proposed by the WHO

Prior to the current AI boom, the WHO had already published a guide on the ethics and governance of AI for health. This document urges all stakeholders, both in the public and private sector, to hold their decisions accountable to the needs of health workers and the of the people involved. Key principles include inclusion and equity, accountability, and the development of sustainable AI.

In sum, WHO recognizes the potential of AI to improve health care, but calls for responsible and regulated use of this technology in the interest of patients and public health. It is essential that are carefully considered, and that key values such as transparency, inclusiveness, and public participation are respected.

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