The zodiac sign that can’t hold its tongue according to astrologers

The worst kept secret of the ! Do you have a secret? Are you able to keep it? Some people can't. They're always ready to reveal juicy information and have a reputation for talking a little too much.

Whether they're like lecturers or can't resist sharing a juicy gossip, these people don't know how to keep their mouths shut. You never want to confide anything to them, because soon everyone will know what you've said. Astrologers say that some signs simply have a for conversation, but these people take it a little too far. Read on to find out which zodiac sign can't hold its tongue, from the inveterate talkers to the insatiable gossips.

6. Virgo

Virgos to hear the sound of their own voice. Whether it's sharing new information or telling you over and over again that they were right about something, these people never stop talking.

“If they're over-communicative, it's common for them to complain or be negative about themselves or someone else,” Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's , explains.

While these people can pour out criticism like nobody's business, they don't like to think of themselves as gossipers. Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, says Virgos are “truth seekers, and tend to speak to understand and learn from information.”

Virgos are also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so it's not surprising that they can chat for hours.

5. Aquarius

As an air sign, definitely knows how to use words. They always want to share information about their latest project or new idea, but sometimes they should learn to keep it quiet.

“They talk a lot, and it's easy to let slip details that were supposed to be kept secret,” Bennet says.

Aquarians are different from all other signs – and they want people to know it. Rather than show this uniqueness, they always feel the need to tell you. Once they step up to their podium, they'll talk until it's clear that everyone has heard what they have to say.

“They don't realize they're talkative because they just think of themselves as experts at talking,” Bennet adds.

4. Aries

is known for being outspoken and impulsive, so it's not surprising that they can't always hold their tongue.

“They love to express themselves, which often means they don't hold back their strong opinions and ideas around others,” Marquardt explains. They need to learn to practice patience, because often their words come out faster than they think.

These dynamic people also like to be in charge, so they feel the need to dominate conversations, even if it's just for a short discussion.

3. Leo

A won't necessarily stoop to the level of gossip, but Bennet says that “they'll gladly spill the beans to get attention or to increase their popularity from time to time. Their egos need to be fed, so if they're the ones leading the conversations, people will be all ears.

Lions have a talent for drawing people in – their charisma is uncommon. So, if you don't want to be the topic of conversation for this fire sign, make sure you stay in their good graces.

“They can turn even the most mundane of stories into a flamboyant narrative just to be the center of attention,” says Bennet. They have a penchant for drama, so nothing will stop them from being intrusive.

2. Gemini

– the sign of the twins – is literally known for being two-faced. “No matter how much they swear to keep your secret, as soon as your back is turned, they'll eagerly share the latest gossip,” says Bennet.

In fact, Gemini is often associated with the concept of gossip, because they are curious. They love to talk to anyone who will listen about anything – they can't stand silence. And once they start, they can't stop. They often end up ranting about things they didn't necessarily mean to say out loud.

“They like to pass on news, feeding off the shock factor, and don't feel guilty about doing it,” Bennet adds.

1. Sagittarius

Naturally outgoing and opinionated, is the most talkative person in the zodiac. They have no filter – any thoughts that come to mind will be shared with those around them, even if it's just rumors. And all that chatter can get them into trouble.

In addition, they like to take the opportunity to talk at length about their life experiences. These fire signs love to try new things and always want to be the first to give their opinion on what they know.

“If Sagittarius learns something by talking with someone else, they have a funny way of pretending they already know that information,” says Marquardt, adding that “it's hard to place

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