Their latest advances for ChatGPT will change the world of AI!

NVIDIA is tackling the problems of AI-powered chatbots by releasing NeMo Guardrails, an open source software offering a set of safeguards to ensure application accuracy and .

The guardrails allow rules to be put in place to control user interactions with applications such as . According to NVIDIA, NeMo Guardrails are easy to use and can be implemented by any developer. The guardrails are divided into three categories: topic guardrails, content guardrails and backup guardrails.

ChatGPT and other AIs would become more reliable with the help of NVIDIA

AI-powered chatbots face problems with false information, inappropriate content or toxic responses. NeMo Guardrails monitor interactions to prevent chatbots from going astray and providing false information. They are based on a language developed by NVIDIA for conversational AI and are placed between the user and the application, preventing the model from straying from the established domain. NeMo Guardrails will be available on GitHub and on the NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform.

NeMo Guardrails protect AI-powered chatbots

NeMo Guardrails is divided into three categories of guardrails to protect chatbots in different ways. Topic-based guardrails keep them focused on the topic and redirect conversations if necessary. Content safeguards ensure the accuracy and credibility of the information provided. Safeguards protect chatbots from external attacks by preventing malicious code execution or unauthorized application calls. This last category is particularly important due to the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks against AI. Neyo Guardrails is open source and will be developed in with the community.

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