These 3 zodiac signs will have the best week ever, as the Aries season is finally here

We are well into perhaps the most crucial month of 2023, and spring is officially underway. And these three will have the best week from March 20 to 26, and they will have good main energy, which also goes hand in hand with the season.

The week begins in the middle of the spring equinox on March 20, which marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. On this day and the next, the Sun will also make its dynamic entry into the overzealous sign of Aries, where it is naturally exalted. Here, the burning Sun is a magnet for abundant courage and willpower, and this same burst of enthusiasm will be reflected in our physical reality.

As if a brand new astrological year and celestial season weren't enough to inspire you, the New Moon in Aries will occur at exactly zero degrees on March 21. Zero is a very important degree in astrology, as it is considered to be as primitive as it is remarkably fertile. That said, check out where the zero degree of Aries is in your natal chart to refer to the effects of this lunation.

On March 23, electric Pluto will also conclude its journey through Capricorn, where it has triggered spiritual renewal and transformation since 2008.

Reflect on your rebirth as it relates to your attitude, , traditions, and general structuring. Pluto's entry into is only a prelude to what is to come, as the Lord of the Underworld will eventually retrograde into , before staying permanently in Aquarius.

Last but not least, the go-getter Mars will enter on March 25, after its five-month transit in Gemini since October 2022. What have you discovered about your thought process, your style and your immediate environment?

With Mars finally out of its post-retrograde shadow, there will be revelations and perhaps even a sense of relief.

If your sun sign and/or ascendant falls under any of the zodiac signs below, here's why you'll be blessed this week:


It's a brand new astrological year, solar season, and lunar cycle… but the best part is that this perennial new gateway of departure and equinox has your name on it, Aries.

What are your goals and dreams for the rest of the year?

In what new direction do you want to go? After the Sun makes its grand entrance into your sign, the Moon will begin a new cycle in your cardinal territory on March 21.

This is when you're good at wiping the slate clean to plant seeds of intention and inspiration.

Venus will also bring stability and harmony to your second house of money, while forming a supportive sextile with Saturn.

Your fiery ruling planet, Mars, will also end its transit through Gemini and your third house of immediate surroundings – after five months of mercurial energy – on March 25, then slip into Cancer and your fourth house of origins, bringing even more stability.


Teamwork will make your dream work, and you can see that, Gemini. This is especially true considering the Sun's debut in go-getter Aries and your 11th house of associations, community and personal freedoms on March 20.

What do you bring to work and to others?

How can you share more of your sparkling intelligence and unique gifts with the world?

The Moon will begin a cycle again via zero degrees of this cardinal fire sign on March 21, giving you all the more reason to plant seeds of intention for the future, whether with a group of like-minded individuals or alone.

Things will get even better as Pluto completes its 15-year journey through Capricorn and your eighth house of debt, intimacy and shared resources. If things have been complicated in these areas, get ready to get your head above water! Mars will also enter your money sector on March 25, which is always a plus.


Express yourself, don't suppress your feelings, .

For it's not every day that the Sun and Moon join forces at zero degrees of your sister fire sign, Aries, which also happens to be the ruler of your exuberant fifth house of love, , passionate projects and self-expression.

As you disappear into the sky on March 21, the day after this year's equinox, be sure to set your intentions as you are supported by the cosmos in more ways than you realize.

The Moon will also join your celestial ruling planet, Jupiter (luck, expansion, wisdom) in Aries on March 22, which will continue to supercharge this area of your chart.

Heart-centered and brimming with enthusiasm, you will be as optimistic as you are bold in your expression. Celebrate your victories, be as authentic as possible, and live life to the fullest.

Mars will also complete its five-month journey through Gemini and your relationship sector on March 25. So if things have been tense in this area of life, take a well-deserved break.

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