They raised their “dog” for two years before discovering the incredible truth

In an amazing situation, a raised what they thought was a for two years, before discovering it was actually an Asian Black Bear. The story is an important reminder of the importance of knowing where our come from.

The number of pets continues to grow

Today, more and more homes are pets. In Spain alone, nearly 10 million dogs and cats live with different families, a figure that is constantly increasing. This trend is also found in many other countries. However, sometimes strange situations arise, causing us to question our choices and our responsibility when it comes to pets.

The importance of knowing the origin of our animals

It is essential to know where the animals we adopt come from, as well as to ensure that the breeders are in good standing with the proper authorities. One Chinese family learned this lesson in a surprising way when they discovered that the Tibetan mastiff puppy they had adopted was actually an Asian black bear. Tibetan mastiffs are considered one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, with prices reaching up to 2 million euros for a puppy.

The truth comes out: it's not a mastiff, it's a bear!

Su Yun, the mother of a family, bought what she thought was a Tibetan mastiff in 2016. For two years, the animal lived with them like any other pet. However, its physical appearance began to look more and more like a lion or bear. The family began to have doubts when the animal exceeded 115 kilos and its appearance was clearly that of a bear.

Esta preciosidad es un mastín tibetano. Si quieres uno prepara pasta. Su precio medio es de 550.000 euros, aunque en el 2014 alguien en China pagó 1.700.000 euros por un cachorro de algo menos de un año de edad (y 90 kilos de peso por cierto).

An unexpected and dangerous situation

After contacting the authorities, it was confirmed that the animal was in fact an Asiatic black bear, a species illegally trafficked because of a chemical in their bile, ursodeoxycholic acid, used to treat liver disease and gallstones. Fortunately, the bear never attacked the family and was cared for by the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center in China before being transferred to an animal sanctuary.

This incredible story reminds us of the importance of knowing where our pets come from and adopting responsibly. Next time, the family might opt for a Chihuahua!

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