This Is The Ocu’s Warning For People Who Have Alexa Installed In Their Homes

The electricity cost of having this device connected 24 hours a day could give a scare in the electricity bill

The OCU has launched a warning to all users of Alexa, the device to synchronize home through home automation. Despite being a fairly efficient product, they have pointed out the electricity costs involved in having this device running 24 hours a day.

Alexa has a technology that helps day-to-day life at home. You can ask questions, make video calls, play music, know the temperature at that very moment and many more facilities. All these utilities make that sometimes the operation is continuous throughout the day despite the fact that there are different modes.

Whether in operation, in ghost mode or in standby, Alexa can consume 26 kWh/year at rest, only behind the gas boiler, which is also on daily and ahead of the robot. All of them devices that are continuously plugged into electricity for the convenience of their users.

Alexa expenditure in a year

From the OCU they put this expense at about 24 euros per year and not only happens with Amazon's reference device, but it is something that happens with all virtual assistants. However, Alexa is the benchmark in the market.

The boiler, smart devices and the robot vacuum cleaner lead this list.

At rest, as we have already seen, it is the second most consuming appliance, although it is still far from others such as the vacuum cleaner (38 kWh per year on average) or the computer monitor (48 kWh) or the dryer which, with an expenditure of more than 10 euros per month, is the appliance that spends the most in operation.

This warning comes together with the rise in electricity prices that has been experienced in recent months and that makes many households look to the last detail how to save on the electricity bill.

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