This is the secret button that regulates your TikTok algorithm so that you get the videos that interest you most

Many users are unaware of the existence of this button, which can be as useful as the “like” button to set our preferences when watching videos.

TikTok users are used to watching many short videos, thus receiving a wide variety of stimuli and different experiences. The more we use this popular social network, the more the algorithm gets to know us, and narrows the types of videos it shows us around our interests by taking into account the videos we have liked and those we have searched for ourselves.

However, there are more ways to exploit the TikTok algorithm to ensure that we get the type of video we really want, since many times in our feed may appear videos that we find unpleasant or even offensive. And, no matter how many “likes” we give, we may also continue to see other videos that we do not like, and that we would prefer to avoid to enjoy only those that really interest us. Luckily, TikTok also has a secret button that helps us to make invisible the types of videos we don't want to see.

“I'm not interested” button

We say it is “secret” because it is a bit hidden and does not appear at a glance, but is hidden in an area where we would not expect to see it. Unlike the “like” heart, which is clearly visible in the first line, the “I'm not interested” button is located in the “share” section. Therefore, you have to go inside that part, where the options to share the video on or other social networks also appear, to find the “not interested” button.

In addition, there is another simpler and faster way to access the “not interested” button: leave your finger pressed on the screen while you are watching the video, and the option will appear. This method is more intuitive than the previous one.

Access the “not interested” button in “share” or by pressing and holding your finger on the screen.

Either way, if you mark the broken heart of “not interested” on a video, the algorithm will take note and will stop showing you other videos that may be similar or related, as well as other publications of the same user. In this way, you will see more videos that you may like, and you will forget about having to keep watching those that for one reason or another do not generate interest. By the way, this option appears in the TikTok mobile application, but not in the web browser version.

“Dislike” in comments

On the other hand, a few months ago TikTok also introduced a “dislike” button, which in this case is not for videos but for other users' comments. This feature is also only available on the mobile app, and not on the web version of TikTok.

The “dislike” function is intended to help in comment moderation.

This button is much more visible, as it is the thumbs-down hand that appears to the right of all comments. If you press it, neither the author of the comment nor the other users will know about it, but it is a functionality aimed at the overall moderation of the platform. If TikTok workers detect that a comment receives many “dislikes“, they will be able to quickly identify it and delete it if they consider it appropriate, in case it violates the rules established by this social network.

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