This trick lowers the temperature inside your car by 10 degrees, even without air conditioning

Driving during heatwaves can be a real torment. With this trick, you can save up to 10 degrees in the interior of your car with just a door movement. Here we provide the complete procedure to cool your vehicle in minutes.

Even though the heatwaves that America, Europe, and many other locations around the world are experiencing are reaching unbearable levels, there's one place where it gets worse: the inside of your vehicle. During these times, cooling your car can become a real torment, even when you have perfectly working air conditioning.

Because of this, we bring you a trick today that will allow you to lower the internal temperature of the cabin by up to 10 degrees Celsius. In a couple of minutes, the inside of your car will have cooled enough so that you're not driving in a mobile oven. After all, being behind the wheel during heatwaves is almost as dangerous as doing so while intoxicated, and that's why the Traffic Directorate (DGT) gives you some to follow during the season.

This method to cool your car is totally manual, and you won't even have to start the vehicle's engine. Simply follow the instructions, and in less than a minute, you'll be ready to get behind the wheel.

How to cool your car quickly and without air conditioning with this trick

The method to follow is very simple. First, you'll have to close all the vehicle's doors. Then, lower the passenger window. Now it's time for some magic. Open and close the driver's door quickly. You should repeat the operation at least five times for the car to cool down without any problems.

The explanation behind this process is very complicated. The hot air inside the vehicle is expelled through the passenger window. Right after, a mass of cooler air takes its place, cooling the cabin almost instantly. An effect very similar to that seen in shoe insoles capable of lowering your body temperature by up to 5 degrees.

With this drop of up to 10°C, entering your car can be a less painful experience, especially if you've left it in a place without shade. Additionally, it will allow you to get more out of your car's air conditioning thanks to less effort needed to cool the cabin.

That said, even though it's an effective trick, don't forget to be prepared when traveling during heatwaves. Cooling your car may be easier if you use elements like sunshades on your windshield and curtains on the sides. This way, the heat entering the vehicle will be much less, maintaining a much more pleasant temperature for all passengers.

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