This Zodiac Sign is Absolutely Useless in a Crisis

The 6 You Should Never Call in a Crisis

In times of crisis, we all turn to certain people in our lives who we know we can rely on. However, there are also those individuals who are better off avoided during these tough situations. Whether it's due to their panicky nature or their lack of skills, certain signs just aren't cut out for crisis management. Keep reading to find out which signs you should never call in a crisis, according to astrologers.

Taurus: Too Slow and Unhelpful

tends to appear cool, calm, and collected, making them seem like a good candidate to handle a crisis. However, they are often too slow to take action and offer assistance. According to astrologer Stina Garbis, Taurus individuals are not the type to jump up and help when you're in need. Quick thinking and planning are crucial in an emergency, and Taurus may still be sitting at home while someone else gets the job done. In certain situations, Garbis suggests asking Taurus to simply Venmo you or make phone calls from the comfort of their couch.

Cancer: Not Solution-Oriented

While individuals are known for their nurturing nature, they may not be the best choice to call in a crisis. Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer, explains that Cancer individuals may not have many solutions to offer when life puts you in a tough spot. They may become upset if you don't follow their advice and can potentially create more problems than they solve. “Cancer is incredibly protective of the people they the most, so they'll be your best ally in a crisis, but they won't be strategic game players to help you through it,” says Marquardt.

Aquarius: Absentminded and Unfocused

Aquarians are known for their forward-thinking nature, but they can also be trapped inside their own heads. Astrologer Stina Garbis describes them as absentminded and unfocused. If a crisis occurs, Aquarius individuals will likely try to give you advice, but it may not be relevant to the situation at hand due to their highly intellectual and offbeat nature. While they mean well, skipping the phone call to Aquarius and seeking assistance elsewhere may save you time and effort.

Leo: Drama Queens and Self-Oriented

Leos thrive on drama and often prioritize their own problems over others'. They love being the center of attention and may end up flipping the narrative if you call them during a crisis. While they can maintain composure and find the good in any situation, they typically only look out for themselves, according to Marquardt. If you're looking for someone who will truly support you and focus on your needs during a crisis, it's best to look elsewhere.

Sagittarius: Optimistic yet Unreliable

Sagittarians are known for their boundless optimism, but when it comes to providing useful assistance in a crisis, they may fall short. Garbis explains that they don't take things seriously, and their flighty nature and lack of commitment make it difficult for them to offer practical help. While they may cheer you on and root for your success, their silver lining approach may not be what you need when planning and problem-solving are required.

Pisces: Indecisive and Emotional

individuals can be indecisive and overly emotional when faced with uncertainty. They easily get flustered and struggle with quickly and following a concise plan. As non-confrontational individuals, they are ineffective in dealing with a crisis head-on. While they can offer a shoulder to cry on, they may not provide much practical assistance in overcoming the situation, notes Marquardt.

In conclusion, when faced with a crisis, it's important to consider which zodiac signs are best equipped to offer the support and help you need. While some signs excel at problem-solving and remaining composed, others may be better suited for providing emotional support. By understanding these tendencies based on , you can make informed decisions about who to turn to during difficult times.

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