Three balls of foil in the washing machine: find out why!

Aluminum is a chemical element extracted from a material called bauxite. It is a non-ferromagnetic metal, meaning that it does not possess the necessary compounds to be easily magnetized.

Aluminum foil is composed of a of iron and silicon, as well as 98.5% aluminum. The foil is also highly flexible and an excellent conductor of heat. It's one of those gadgets that has multiple functions. We use it in the oven, to dye hair, to preserve , and so on.

Insert three balls of aluminum foil into your laundry.

When you wash your clothes in the washing machine, a number of electrical charges are released, damaging the clothes and wearing out the fabrics, which may even tear. As a result, fabrics don't last as long and you have to replace your wardrobe sooner than you thought.

To extend the life of your clothes and avoid having to go shopping every now and then, we've got the perfect solution: use aluminum foil in your laundry.

The process is very simple, just insert three golf-ball-sized balls of aluminum foil and follow the usual steps for each wash, with the detergent and program you normally use.

Aluminum will prevent your clothes from being electrified because, as we've already mentioned, it's a metal that conducts heat and doesn't magnetize. A simple, economical and very useful home remedy.

What's more, it won't damage your appliance. Aluminium foil is not harmful to and will not damage your washing machine. If you add to this tip the use of a fabric softener and a specific spin program to avoid aggravating the problem, you'll keep your clothes in good condition for longer.

And it's not just for the washing machine, you can also use the same method in the tumble dryer, which is where static electricity accumulates the most. And as if that weren't enough, the same balls can be used to do laundry for around 6 months.

From now on, aluminium foil will be your best ally when it comes to washing clothes.

Other unknown uses for aluminum foil

It goes without saying that aluminum foil is indispensable in our . In addition to the above-mentioned uses, here are a few others you may find useful.

  • Scissor sharpener: simply cut a piece of aluminum foil, fold it into several layers and cut with scissors to sharpen them.
  • Clean your : line a cup with aluminum foil, fill it with hot water and pour in a tablespoon of washing powder. Put your jewelry in for a minute, rinse and leave to dry. The result is impressive.
  • Replaces the scouring pad: When food remains in the pan, using this type of paper as a scouring pad removes encrusted dirt.
  • the hob: Finally, this is a great ally for cleaning your hob in a simple and easy way. Simply heat the iron, put some fine salt on the aluminium foil and move it as if you were ironing. Dirt disappears like magic.
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