TikTok’s trick to travel by plane without checking in luggage

A young ‘tiktoker' has shared on her profile a backpack with many compartments to avoid paying for checking your suitcase

For many people traveling by and not wanting to check their suitcase has become a headache. It is becoming more and more expensive to with a suitcase in some airlines and with the entry into force of the new measures of luggage (40x20x25 centimeters) is very difficult to travel if you do not pay extra.

This measure has banished the cabin suitcases and has caused a rise in the use of carry-on bags not only to save money but also to avoid problems when boarding. There are many backpacks that, due to their compartmentalized , allow you to store clothes, shoes, toiletries and devices, all in the same luggage.

Although it seems that low cost travel still exists, the fact of having to pay to carry luggage has become a myth. Hence, more and more people are looking for this kind of , like the user @nataliagones who shows one of the most purchased backpacks: a worthwhile investment, especially if we travel frequently.

Number 1 best seller on Amazon

This is the Szxl cabin backpack, which is on sale on in various colors and sizes. It is the best seller and accumulates very good reviews on the web. With semi-rigid edges, clothing is protected and it has several compartments that can be put to different uses. There are two available for devices, one for shoes and several small ones to carry some things by hand such as tickets or passport.

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Currently its price is 45 euros and in the video that this user has shared 81,000 people have given me like, hence everyone wants to try it. Some of those who have done so share their experience with her and confirm its usefulness. Above all, users highlight that it opens completely as if it were a suitcase. In addition, it has a USB port on the inside that allows a battery to be placed and only the cable protrudes.

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In this case, it carries six days' worth of clothes and several large that take up a lot of space. Pajamas, underwear and socks, T-shirts, pants, two blazers… toiletries and makeup and even a pair of shoes. A perfect backpack for any weekend or long weekend getaway.

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