Tips for keeping your white shoes impeccable: what you need to know!

It's a fact of life that the color white never goes out of . It doesn't matter if it's a dress, a bag or any other type of clothing or . It will always be a timeless and elegant option to wear, especially during the spring- season, but accepted and sought-after during the rest of the seasons.

Simple tips to keep your shoes white

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However, despite its great versatility when it comes to combining this color with other shades, it can be a real challenge to keep at bay any kind of stain that makes your favorite white shoes look old and worn. Fortunately, there are many methods that work foolproof when it comes to proper care, and thus keep it in excellent condition.

Clean them regularly

These practical tips will help you preserve them:

  • Use a soft bristle brush to remove any surface dirt after each use.
  • Use a clean cloth lightly soaked in warm soapy water to remove small stains as soon as possible.

Use baking soda

is a powerful antacid that can help you remove even the most stubborn stains from your shoes. Here's how to use it:

  • Mix baking soda with warm water to a paste-like consistency.
  • Apply the mixture to the stain and leave for about 15 minutes.
  • Use a brush to gently rub the stain, then rinse with water to remove all residue.

Use lemon juice

Lemon juice is another powerful natural agent for your shoes. Here's how to use it:

  • Squeeze out as much lemon juice as you can and mix with a little water.
  • Apply the mixture to stubborn stains.
  • Expose your shoes to the sun for several hours until they dry.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any residue.

Use anti-stain products

In addition to these tips, you can also anticipate the problem by using anti-stain products specially designed for white shoes. These products form a protective layer against stains and water, making them easier to clean and preserving the original color of your shoes.

Don't forget the laces! Wash them regularly by hand or machine to improve the overall appearance of your shoes.

Keep your shoes sparkling white

These simple and effective recommendations will help you preserve the beauty of your favorite white shoes. No longer relegated to the back of your closet, you'll be able to wear them with pride and keep them looking as fresh as if they'd stepped out of the store every time you use them!

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