Today’s Math Challenge: How many triangles do you count in this picture?

Today's math challenge to count the triangles in this picture may frustrate you. In this sense, more than 90% of those who have tried the experiment fail to find the right answer. At the same time, the picture shows a triangle with several lines through it and you have to count the triangles.

Math Challenge of the Day

Indeed, the answer to this math challenge of the day may seem obvious at first glance, but it's not.

In this sense, you have to count all the individual triangles without forgetting the different combinations of small triangles. Notably, the big overall shape, 90% of those who tried to find the right answer do not succeed.

Therefore, if you can do it, you belong to the elite, with a strong intellectual capacity, observation and analysis. At the end of this article, we will reveal the solution to this numerical and logical puzzle.

How many triangles do you count in this picture?

Indeed, this mathematical challenge of the day has left people more than perplexed and is quickly going viral on the networks.

In this sense, we find more than 700 comments on the original tweet displaying answers between 4 and 45. Notably, this situation will certainly give reason to the famous meme of the “confused woman who does math”.

Apparently, this shows us that each person follows his or her own logic regardless of the logic of others.

In other words, it perfectly sums up how everyone feels when trying to understand the logic of this puzzle.

The exact answer to this IQ test

Indeed, there are 18 triangles in this image and not 9 as many people answer.

In this sense, even if we can find various varieties of answer on the comments, it is 18 the right one.
In particular, you can serenely recount the triangles to proceed with the verification and you will understand better.

Apparently, those who have passed this mathematical challenge can boast of being endowed with quite developed intelligence.

At the same time, we can always improve our cognitive abilities through daily challenges while having fun.

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