Top 10 apps that drain your phone’s battery, delete them fast!

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We have to face the fact that some applications on our smartphone are more energy consuming than others! So think about uninstalling them, despite their functionality.

We may have a tendency to download and install anything and everything on our smartphone. But you should know that some applications drain our battery faster than others. In this article, we will reveal them to you.

The best applications that drain our battery

Certainly, smartphone users, whether on or iOS, are spoilt for choice. Indeed, we can find various applications on Play Store for Android and Store for iOS. But of course, not all of these little apps are recommended. Obviously, some applications are malicious, but above all, some drain the battery of our phones in record time. However, users tend to download the same popular applications. But popular doesn't always mean “better for the smartphone”. What's worse, it's usually the most useful ones that ruin our battery. So, be careful, consider whether you really need them.

Without further ado, then here is the list of these high energy consuming applications. First Fitbit, Uber, Skype, Facebook, Airbnb, , Tinder, Bumblebee, Snapchat, . The source of this list is pCloud , a research company. To do this, they have compiled a list of applications that use the most battery of the device. And the final result is shown here. No matter how good these platforms are, depending on the entity, they seriously affect the battery life. In fact, they are very popular applications that can always use part of the battery in the background. Therefore, it is more convenient for you to get rid of them if you do not use them frequently.

Which are the worst power-hungry apps?

The research company looked at three factors to determine which applications consume the most resources on our phones. These are the elements used by each application, such as location or camera, the battery consumed by these applications and whether the dark mode is offered. In this way, we could know the applications that empty the battery as fast as possible. Specifically, they were able to determine which of the 100 most popular applications is the most demanding. Then they named them the ultimate phone killers by combining the results of these three factors.

As a result, we have Fitbit and Verizon. These two apps are then the most energy intensive. In fact, 14 out of 16 available resources can be used by both apps in the background. Including the four most resource-intensive. The camera, the location, the microphone and the wifi connection. Thus, these applications received the highest study score (92.31%).

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