Transform your garden with these amazing ground cover plants!

It's the perfect time to bring your garden back to life with ground cover ! Both aesthetic and practical, they will help you fight weeds and protect your soil. Discover our guide to choosing, planting and maintaining these plant wonders and beautify your exterior effortlessly.

Ground cover plants: allies for a weed-free garden

The power of creeping plants: By incorporating ground cover plants into your ornamental garden, you benefit from a protective ground cover that preserves the soil and prevents weeds from . These plants, often referred to as creepers or ground cover, are usually very small perennials and shrubs that spread through their rhizomes.

Species adapted to your needs

Eradicate Weeds: To effectively control weeds, choose species whose evergreen foliage blocks their development in all seasons. Ivy (Hedera) and pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis) are excellent choices. Among the perennials, semi-evergreen groundcovers, such as waldsteinia, retain their leaves until spring under mild conditions.

Planting and Maintaining Your Ground Cover Plants: Instructions for Use

The perfect time to plant: Early fall is the perfect time to install your ground cover plants. Weeds slow down their growth at this time, and your plants will have time to root before winter. Start by weeding your chosen area.

for a dense cover: If you want a dense ground cover in the first year, plan on up to 15 plants per square meter for slow-growing species, such as asarum or pachysandra. For complete coverage in three years, 12 to 15 plants will suffice. For fast-growing species, such as ivy, 4 plants per square meter may be sufficient depending on the variety. Don't forget to shorten the stems by half to stimulate branching.

Minimum maintenance for maximum results

Easy to live with plants: Ground cover plants do not require any particular maintenance. Avoid hoeing between ground covers, as this delays their densification. However, a bark mulch is ideal for smothering weeds for the first two or three years after planting.

Save money by multiplying your ground cover plants

Create a lush garden without breaking the bank: Creating large areas of ground cover plants can be costly. To save money, start with a small area and gradually expand your bed by dividing your plants.

Divide and Conquer: To multiply your groundcover plants, simply divide them. Dig up plants like elf flower in late , detach the rooted side shoots and replant them. Water generously until the plants are well rooted, and you're done! You'll have a beautiful, lush garden without spending a fortune.

So, don't wait any longer and get started with ground cover plants! With these tips and , you can enjoy a beautiful garden, while limiting the appearance of weeds and preserving the quality of your soil. A real asset for your exterior!

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