Transform your life with these 6 new tips for Danish-style happiness!

Dreaming of a happier and more serene life? Discover the secrets of Danish with the advice of Meik Wiking, a researcher at the Happiness Institute in Copenhagen, and make “hygge” part of your daily life.

1. flood your home with light to boost your mood

The power of natural light

Daylight has a direct impact on our mood and well-being, according to Meik Wiking. In fact, it influences our circadian rhythm and helps fight against seasonal depression. To maximize the light in your home, the researcher invites you to prune the that obstruct your windows, to obstacles and to opt for light colors and reflective materials.

Decorating tip: white and bright

Painting your walls white and choosing a floor with a polished finish are simple and effective to increase the reflection of light in your interior. A bright and warm home is the first step towards a more hygge lifestyle!

2. Simplify your life with your freezer

An inventory on your phone

Meik Wiking suggests creating an inventory of your freezer contents on your phone. Label each frozen dish and add it to the list so you know at a glance what you can defrost for dinner. No more stressing out and fussing over the freezer!

Organize and save time

This simple trick will save you time and energy on a daily basis, while avoiding wasting food. It will make your life more pleasant and serene!

3. Turn your garden into an oasis of well-being

Intimate and welcoming spaces

Rather than having a large, boring lawn, Meik Wiking advises you to create small, warm, protected spaces in your garden or patio with shrubs, hedges or potted plants.

The benefits of plants

Caring for plants has beneficial effects on our stress and mood, allowing us to focus on a natural element and feel the satisfaction of seeing it flourish through our care. A “hygge” garden or terrace is a true haven of peace and relaxation!

4. Create cozy corners for each activity

Separate spaces for more comfort

Indoors or out, dividing spaces into cozy little nooks dedicated to specific activities can improve your well-being. To give this sense of delineation, Meik Wiking suggests using rugs, ottomans and cushions, varying lighting, delineating with plants or open shelves and opting for different colors for different spaces.

An organized and warm house

By creating separate spaces for each activity, you create a more orderly and warm atmosphere in your home, which promotes relaxation and well-being. This is the essence of “hygge”!

5. Say goodbye to clutter and stress

The Diderot effect: the trap of consumption

Meik Wiking warns against the “Diderot effect”: the purchase of a new object can lead to a spiral of consumption and a desire to acquire more and more, when our former self did not need it to be happy. To avoid accumulating useless objects, it is important to ask ourselves the right questions.

Sort out your belongings

Imagine moving several times in your life and ask yourself if you would like to pack, carry and unpack each item. This will allow you to sort out and focus on the essentials, for a more uncluttered and zen interior.

6. Connect with your neighbors to strengthen the sense of belonging

Friendly neighbors, happier lives

Connecting with your neighbors can help you feel safer and happier in your home. Invite them to a , let them know when you're having a loud party or offer to walk their . Meik Wiking lists several ideas for connecting with your neighbors and strengthening your sense of belonging.

A Caring and Supportive Community

By building with your neighbors, you create a caring and supportive community that will contribute to your well-being and that of your loved ones. This is one of the secrets of Danish happiness!

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