Turn your balcony into an incredible herb garden

Don't dream anymore of a garden filled with intoxicating scents and delicious aromas! Now you can turn your balcony into a real mini herb garden with our simple and effective . Take advantage of every ray of to enjoy your tasty dishes, decorated with your freshly picked herbs.

Aromatic plants, an ideal solution for balconies

Spring is here, and with it comes the desire to green up your balcony. Aromatic are an excellent option to bring a fragrant and gourmet touch to your exterior. They are easy to grow in containers and will allow you to enhance your dishes with fresh and delicious flavors.

Adopt the cups for a successful herb garden

To get a mini herb garden on your balcony, start by buying plants in cups. They are ready to be planted and guarantee success. Beware of frosts, however: , for example, will have to wait until after the frost to be planted. Other herbs, on the other hand, can be planted as early as April.

Give them a well-drained substrate for optimal growth

Aromatic plants do not have very high soil requirements. The most important thing is to offer them a well-drained substrate. To do this, line the bottom of your containers with “expanded clay balls”. Then add a lightly amended potting soil. If you want to grow Mediterranean herbs, deplete the substrate by adding a third of crushed lava or coarse sand.

Select your favorite herbs according to your tastes and needs

Make your choice among herbs according to the use you will make of them. For daily use, choose classic herbs like chives, lemon balm, mint, sage, oregano, rosemary, thyme and parsley. Most of them can stay in a pot for several years, except for basil, which must be renewed every year.

Create your herb garden according to their needs

Consider the future development of the plants and their requirements when composing your containers. Combine Mediterranean herbs that like full sun. Mint, thyme and rosemary tend to spread out in the garden, but will be limited by their pots. Give them some room, however, and plant at least three plants of each herb to ensure a continuous harvest.

Harvest your herbs sparingly to preserve them

To promote compact growth of certain plants such as basil, thyme and chives, consider harvesting only the leaves at the tips. Mint, lemon balm and sage, on the other hand, are most often harvested whole. After harvesting, move them back to the background until they resume growth.

A fragrant, gourmet balcony at your fingertips

By following these tips, you will transform your balcony into a real herb garden, a source of flavors and bewitching scents. Your sunny meals will be even more delicious with your freshly picked herbs. So don't hesitate, go green and rediscover the pleasure of aromatic plants at home!

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