Unbelievable! Dollar General shoppers exposed to Listeria danger – You won’t believe what this outraged customer has to say!

Is putting its shoppers at risk of getting seriously ill? A recent viral video shared by a shopper on TikTok suggests so.

Bri Sizemore posted a alarming video on her account, showing a cart filled with left out in the middle of an aisle at one of the retailer's stores. The video clearly indicates that the ice cream had melted while being left outside of the freezer, creating a “breeding ground for bacteria such as Listeria.” In this article, we'll take a closer look at why such bacteria pose a risk of causing severe and explore Dollar General's previous controversies.

Ice Cream Melting at Dollar General Stores is a Cause for Concern

Sizemore's video has drawn significant attention and raised concerns among shoppers about the safety and of Dollar General's products. If ice cream is left out to melt and refreeze, it can cause severe foodborne illnesses like Listeriosis. This can be transmitted through contaminated products, and the consumption of such products can lead to serious health , including hospitalization and even death.

Listeria in particular is a kind of bacteria that is capable of causing serious health issues, with a pronounced mortality rate of around 20 to 30 percent. It is estimated that around 260 people die annually due to Listeriosis in the . Adults aged 65 or older, and people with weakened immune systems and pregnant women are more vulnerable to the risks.

What Do We Know About Dollar General's Food Safety Protocols?

Dollar General has an extensive reach, with stores scattered across the ., and it adds more grocery options to its stores to offer customers a convenient and affordable shopping experience. However, the discount chain has been facing concerns regarding its food safety protocols for a while.

Some critics have pointed out that the company has a staffing problem, with its stores often having insufficient employees available to adequately handle products. More specifically, the retailer's stores are seen to be vulnerable to uncleanliness, unhygienic conditions, and improper handling of food products, which contribute to health risks. The current simply raises more concerns about the company's approach to food safety.

In conclusion, Sizemore's video highlights the potential risks lurking behind the giant's lax food-safety protocols. Dollar General may be an ideal destination for budget-conscious shoppers, but it is important that it prioritizes the health and safety of its consumers.

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