Unbelievable! Student Saves Thousands on Rent by Flying to Internship – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

This Is by Plane to Save Money on

Sophia Celentano, a 21-year-old college student, is taking an unconventional approach to her internship by commuting by plane from her home in South Carolina to her work in New Jersey. She has become a viral sensation on TikTok with her videos documenting the journey, which starts at 3 a.m. and involves two flights and an Uber ride. This commuting method saves her $2,000 in New Jersey-New York City rent and living .

New Jersey is currently ranked as the seventh most expensive state to live in, forcing residents to look for alternatives to avoid steep living costs. Celentano is one such resident who has found a way to save a lot of money. Altogether, she budgets around $2,250 for 10 weeks of and expenses on this long-distance commute. Celentano is grateful for the opportunity to stay with her parents over the summer, which helps her save money. By living at home and commuting by plane, Celentano is avoiding all the extra expenses she would have to spend in the most expensive parts of the country.

The Cost of Commuting by Plane

Sophia Celentano has just started her summer internship, which is on a hybrid schedule — she only goes into the office once a week. A round-trip flight from Richmond to Newark costs around $100, plus an additional $100 in Uber fees per week. She has allotted $25 for weekly food and drink purchases. Celentano explains that she chose to live at home because living closer to work would run her a monthly bill of roughly $4,250.

The Adventure of Travel

Despite the early wake-up call and long journey, Celentano loves to and embraces the . When fans questioned the difficulty of her daily routine, she explained, “It honestly is not that difficult for me.” Celentano's innovative approach to commuting and her adventurous spirit have won the hearts of many and have inspired others to think outside the box.

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