Unlock the Shocking Truth: 4 Secret Methods Dollar Stores Use to Profit Off Unsuspecting Shoppers

How Are Making Money Off Shoppers

Dollar stores have gained popularity over the years as a go-to option for budget shoppers. However, it turns out that even though the prices may seem low, there are secrets that dollar stores don't want you to know. Here are some ways that dollar stores are making money off shoppers.

Higher Prices for Less

Dollar stores are known for their low prices, but those prices can sometimes be deceiving. According to consumer analyst Julie Ramhold, dollar stores charge more for less, which can end up costing shoppers more in the long run. “Do the math on any product in a dollar store and the odds are good that the unit price is going to be higher than shopping at stores like ,” she explains. “Yes, the face value may be lower, but the packages are also smaller, which means you end up spending far more for something like a pouch of name-brand cereal than if you were to shop at Walmart and buy a bigger package.” It's a tactic that allows the stores to squeeze extra profits out of their customers.

Rotating Inventory

Dollar stores have a habit of quickly cycling out products, which makes it harder for shoppers to compare prices between visits. Marie Clark, editor of shopping and site CostContessa, states that seasonal and holiday , crafting supplies, beauty products, and more can quickly be replaced with new items, causing shoppers to feel a sense of urgency – a fear of missing out. To avoid such , Clark suggests waiting 24 hours before making a purchase. “If you're still thinking about those items the next day, then go back and purchase them,” she says. “It eliminates the splurge buys on extra items we don't really want or need.”

Overpriced Checkout Items

Putting indulgent products near the checkout is a well-known marketing tactic, and dollar stores are no exception. Clark warns shoppers to watch out for impulse snacks and at the checkout, pointing out that these items often cost significantly more than at nearby . “From candy to bars to mini band-aid packs or mini antibacterial gels, these last-minute grab items in the checkout aisle are really overpriced,” she says. “Always skip them!”

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