Used sponges: don’t relegate them to the trash, give them a second life!

Who doesn't have an old sponge in his closet, witness of many cleanings? If the idea of throwing it away comes to your mind, think twice before committing this so banal act, but which harms our environment. Eco- has strategies to help you turn those sponges into useful, even creative, objects! This is your chance to discover how to give a second life to a used sponge.

Give color to your walls with a sponge!

“Used sponges: your next painting tool?” This is an idea worth exploring! In fact, used sponge can be a great substitute for a paintbrush to add an artistic touch to your walls. It's just a matter of following the basic rules of painting, like keeping the wall dry and clean before you start your artwork.

Your used sponge, an ally for seed germination

Giving a second life to your sponge can also pass by a more unexpected use, but not less interesting: “seed germinator”. After having disinfected it with vinegar of alcohol and rinsed with water, humidify simply the sponge with tepid water. Don't forget to water the sponge daily so that the seeds can germinate more quickly.

Protect your valuables with used sponges

Who would have thought that your used sponges could serve as a protective wrapping for your fragile objects? Their absorbent power makes them an undeniable ally in absorbing shocks. So why not wrap and pad your precious with these sponges before storing or shipping them?

Clean inaccessible corners with a modified sponge

Is the used sponge a solution for hard-to-reach areas? Yes, it is! To get rid of dirt embedded in tight spaces, cut your old sponge into small squares and stick them on a small stick. An effective and ecological cleaning tool!

A cozy pillow with your used sponges

What if your old sponge contributed to your nightly comfort? Indeed, used sponges can be used to stuff your pillows. Not only will you give them volume, but their fluffing power will make your pillow more comfortable and welcoming.

In short, giving a used sponge a second life is contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment. Synthetic sponges, while practical, are a significant source of . A used sponge has every chance of getting a second life. It's up to you to decide its fate… and that of our environment!

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