Useful and practical ideas to recycle glass jars and decorate your home

We accumulate many glass jars at home. Once empty, they can be used for a variety of purposes around the house, both for storage and for decoration.

Glass is, along with plastic, one of the materials most present in the objects we use every day: bottles, flasks, glasses, etc. At the end of their useful life, many of them are usually recycled, a process that is very important for the sustainability of the planet (it saves energy, reduces air and greenhouse gas emissions), as it gives them a second life.

Fortunately, it is also possible to reuse them at home, without having to put them in the green garbage can. These are the glass jars that we usually buy in supermarkets, filled with jams, , pickles, etc. Instead of throwing these containers away, today we offer you several very creative ideas to reuse them at home.

The easiest use, once empty and after removing the annoying labels, is to reuse them to store and freeze it or they can also be used as a container to make a water bath, for example, because they withstand both low and high temperatures. They can also be used as tupperware to carry broths, stews or salads to work. They can even be used to store nuts, frying oil, washing-up liquid or chopsticks.

Decorative Uses

But they can also be used for decorative purposes and serve as a toothbrush, hairbrush or basic bathroom utensils. To be a little more creative, they can be lined with different fabrics or even hand painted to give them a more personal touch.

They can also be used as storage for makeup pencils and other beauty . They can be painted with gesso or acrylic paint, then decorated with your choice of decorations using tape or glue. They can also be used to store pens, pencils, colored paints and stationery.

They can be used to store food, brushes and pens, or as a sailboat or flower pot.

Finally, they can also be used as a vase or flower pot and decorated as you wish, using different paints and giving them different textures and decorations. They can also be used as a sailboat, inserting small candles inside and giving a warm atmosphere to any room in your house.

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