Visual IQ Test: This game will test your reasoning ability, find the 4 different numbers of 909 in less than 20 seconds

Only 5% of those who tried passed this visual . Can you find the 4 different numbers of 909 on the picture in time?

Assessing intelligence with a visual IQ test

One thing is for sure, intelligence is not only the brain's ability to retain information. It is also about the brain's ability to be alert and to quickly coordinate the senses. Thus, visual acuity is mainly the major asset to succeed in visual tests. Nevertheless, some exercises also require a great capacity for problem solving.

Knowing how to act quickly, having the right reflex and choosing the right reasoning determine the intelligence of an individual. In any case, there is no lack of visual tests on the internet. Even if they are not perfect indicators of intelligence, they still help to measure the speed of our brain. So, here is a rather difficult visual IQ test to stimulate your mind.

Visual IQ test: find 4 different numbers of 909

In the image, you can see a grid of numbers, a large majority of which are 909. However, don't get confused because there are other numbers hidden. More precisely, there are 4 of them, carefully hidden and all different from each other. Your goal will be to identify these 4 numbers without getting distracted. Indeed, you have a limited amount of time.

You only have 20 seconds to identify them. So, use all your senses, mainly your visual acuity, to succeed. In addition, this visual IQ test is particularly difficult, so do your research more methodically using logical reasoning.

The solution to this IQ test

One thing is for sure, the difficulty of this challenge has been proven. In fact, only 5 out of 100 people managed to do it in 20 seconds. So don't be discouraged if you don't succeed. You may not have enough practice with this kind of visual IQ test. Anyway, here are the answers to this challenge: the first number is a 606, in the third column from the left and the ninth row from the bottom.

Then the second is in the seventh column from the left and the third row from the bottom. This time it's a 906. As for the third, it is a 969. It is in the fifth row from the bottom and the third column from the right. Finally, the last one is a 609, in the fifth row from the top and the second row from the right.

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