Visual test: Can you find the star that is different from the others? Only the most meticulous will succeed!

Prove that you are a meticulous person with this observation !

Brain teasers can take many forms and challenge different areas of our brain.

Very challenging and at the same time, it's no wonder they have become so popular on the Internet and social networks.

Looking for a stimulating brain exercise? Try solving this visual challenge if you can!

Visual test: “Where is the star different from all the others in this image?”

The image below is made up of dozens of 6-pointed stars. Did you know that there are different names depending on the number of branches in a star? Here, it is the Star of David.

If they had 5 branches, they would be pentagrams. But let's not dwell on these names.

Your goal in this visual puzzle is to find the one star that is different from all the others in this set of stars. You have 10 seconds to find that star.

To succeed in this visual challenge, you need to stay focused so that your visual acuity works at its optimum. Therefore, make sure that no distractions will bother you!

Are you ready? Play the game!

Observation test: the right answer

Few people were able to spot the star that looks like no other in this image in less than 10 seconds. How did you do? If you were able to find it, it means you have sharp vision.

In fact, only people who are meticulous and have high visual acuity are winners in this observation test. It turns out that you are one of them. If, on the other hand, you had trouble finding that star in the time allowed, we'll reveal the solution to this visual puzzle below.

The solution

In fact, the star you had to identify and locate was different from all the others by its color. Indeed, it was a lighter yellow than all the other stars in the image.

It is located as shown in the image below

For more observation and analysis tests, you can go to our site. Remember that the more you stimulate your brain and your perception regularly, the more you will see how much your visual and cognitive performance will improve!

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