What are the mirror hours? Their mystery and meaning

Every culture has its own superstitions and beliefs. Some people are suspicious of Tuesdays and Fridays the 13th, others don't want to pass under an open staircase. Crossing a black brings bad , leaving open scissors on the table attracts diseases and breaking a mirror condemns you to seven years of misfortune.

Science does not support these beliefs, but there are hundreds of studies on these phenomena and superstitions. For example, numerology or the spiritual (not mathematical) meaning of numbers has been studied for centuries. We get carried away by our birth date, our favorite number, or by the numbers we see randomly throughout the day, such as car license plates or the time on the clock.

Many people believe in mirror hours, a phenomenon that occurs when we look at the clock and see that the numbers are the same, such as 11:11, 22:22, 03:03 or 12:12, among others. These are called mirror hours because the numbers are reflected as in a mirror. This phenomenon occurs in both digital and analog clocks, but it is easier to notice in digital numbers. Scientists call it a coincidence, but believers see it as a sign of luck or fate.

Sign of luck or approval

Mirror times occur when, at some point in your life, every time you look at the clock, it gives you a mirror time. If this happens several days in a row, it may be time to find out what it means or what message you are receiving. According to mystical culture, mirror hours can mean an endorsement that we are on the right track, a message from the angels or a sign of .

Each mirror hour has its own meaning and, in general, it is always positive and encouraging.

Some people believe that these messages come to us in the mirror hour because that is when a door to the spiritual world opens. Each mirror hour has its own meaning, although it may vary depending on the individual and their subjective interpretation. Here are the general meanings of the mirror hours:

  • 00:00 Symbolizes rebirth or renewal, the beginning of a new cycle.
  • 01:01 It means that someone is in with you or thinking about you.
  • 02:02 Someone may be hiding something from you.
  • 03:03 You have to trust your intuition and your .
  • 04:04 It's time to change things in your life, both externally and internally, especially with regard to your .
  • 05:05 Love is near, you already know each other and it will be worth fighting for it.
  • 06:06 You're in a situation where you know you're indispensable to another person, but you have to put yourself first.
  • 07:07 If you're hesitating in any area of your life, this number gives you confidence in your decision.
  • 08:08 Don't trust everyone, do things your way and with caution.
  • 09:09 Stop offering so much to others and take time for yourself.
  • 10:10 One cycle of your life ends and another begins.
  • 11:11 This number tells you to take a break and reduce stress.
  • 12:12 In this hour, make a wish, the angels will listen.
  • 13:13 Your dreams will come true, make the necessary changes.
  • 14:14 Something is wrong with you and you should walk away.
  • 15:15 Your ex-partner remembers you.
  • 16:16 Throw out the old stuff and make room for the new.
  • 17:17 A time of renewal and creativity is coming.
  • 18:18 When in doubt, follow your intuition.
  • 19:19 You need to meditate and have a confidant.
  • 20:20 The person you love is thinking of you, send him a message.
  • 21:21 This hour indicates success, something good will happen soon.
  • 22:22 The phone call you've been waiting for will come and everything will up.
  • 23:23 The “door” time, learn, listen and stay true to yourself.

In total, there are 24 opportunities to see a mirror hour reflected in your watch. In addition, we also have the reverse mirror hours, which correspond to numbers like 01:10 (positive changes), 03:30 (don't let others solve your problems), 05:50 (your bad time is over and good things are coming), 15:51 (good news and changes are coming) or 21:12 (you have to leave your fears behind).

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