“What do you hear?” TikTok’s sonic riddle has gone viral accumulating 4.1 million views!

A new viral challenge is driving social crazy by attempting to your hearing acuity by listening to a phrase chanted by men in English What do you hear?

There is nothing more to test our minds and exercise them than to do so through a viral riddle, challenge or challenge to test our agility and perceptive abilities. However, what many people don't realize is that sight is not the only sense that can trick our mind. Auditory perception can also play an important role.

In this sense, many challenges go viral on social networks, especially on . Some of them have been somewhat controversial, but most are curious, such as the one currently circulating on the Chinese social network, which consists of listening to a group of men singing a quote in English in unison.

The user @sinattraaamemes tries to demonstrate with this video the auditory capacity of his followers when it comes to deciphering what they listen to. Under the title “Very interesting, comment your thoughts”, this tiktoker challenges to find, among eight options, what is the right answer.

What do you hear?

“What do you hear?” reads in English next to a list of eight possible answers and the almost motionless face of a boy looking intently into the camera. Possible answers include:

  • Bart Simpson bouncing
  • Rotating pirate ship
  • That isn't my receipt
  • Lobsters in motion
  • That is embarrassing
  • Lactates in Pharmacy
  • Baptism piracy
  • That isn't mercy

The sound is quite confusing and, to be honest, it is quite difficult to find the right answer. Yet, many choose one or the other with the utmost certainty.

@sinattraaa very interesting, comment your thoughts. #fyp #foryoupage #interesting #oddlysatisfying #cool #illusion #whatdoyouhear #like #trending ♬ original sound – sinattraaamemes

Some people even mock it by saying “I don't know, I don't speak English” or by giving their own alternative: “I hear ‘Parce se parce, parce se parce” . Anyway, the viral video has accumulated 4.1 million views and the real answer remains unknown.

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