What Just Happened? Spotify Transforms Its Look to Include TikTok and Netflix Vibes

implements severe changes to the interface of its mobile app but draws too much inspiration from and .

It had to happen sooner or later and finally the time has come for Spotify to renew itself, which has just presented the new face of the interface of its app, which apparently is very inspired by TikTok and Netflix.

Spotify is currently the most popular music platform on the planet, but that does not mean that it does not share the same problem as other sites such as Facebook, where it has an app full of bugs, somewhat unstable and with ample areas of opportunity for improvement.

Even so, the algorithm of discovery and suggestion of new music generally works quite well to profile the user's tastes and this element will apparently occupy a primary focus in the new of the mobile application.

All at the same time we will see a strong inclination to stimulate the consumption of content in vertical format, as a complement to the audio of music, albums, singles and full podcasts.

Here we share with you the main new features that can be glimpsed with this announcement about the future that awaits the community.

This would be the new Spotify app strongly inspired by TikTok

Just hours before a new edition of Spotify's Stream On event was to take place, where a series of important announcements about the platform were to be made, everything ended up being leaked.

Among all the revelations the big surprise would be, in theory, the announcement of a new interface but, according to Bloomberg report, even some design changes had already been released even before among some users:

As we can see the change is mostly focused on the home page, where the intention would be that instead of selecting from a long list of carousels with static cover art, the interface will allow users to swipe vertically through a bunch of content recommendations that play automatically.

What's interesting is that previously the app was a mix of vertical and horizontal scrolling with still images. But now everything would be vertical, with some video clips or GIFs playing to grab the attention of the curious, just like in the TikTok and Netflix app.

Steam On came to finalize some details that were floating in the air and now we see how everything will focus on removing the current carousels to fill it with vertical recommendations in the of the Chinese social network of short videos.

Although the goal here will be not to watch video, but to consume audio music.

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