What you should never keep in the kitchen sink cupboard!

The cupboard under the is a great place to store a multitude of , but not all should be placed there for or reasons.

Due to lack of space, the cupboard under the sink is often transformed into a drawer where we store and pile up countless objects and items that we do not know where to put. In addition to the chaos, disorder and dirt, there are things that should never be placed there.

As you know, kitchen sinks are a staple in any home. Their function is to wash dishes, cookware and various kitchen utensils in a simple and convenient way. However, many people also use them to clean , rinse or perform various cooking techniques.

For this very reason, the sink often contains a lot of bacteria and moisture that can enter the lower part (i.e., the cupboard) if the pipes are not in good condition or if the joints are not properly sealed. So it's not the best place to store some things.

What not to store under the sink

For example, it is very common to store dishwasher tablets or detergents under the sink. These products can be damaged by the humidity and heat of this environment. It is therefore preferable to place them in other cabinets or on more suitable shelves in a drier environment. The same goes for cardboard and paper, which can be affected by the humidity we are talking about. To avoid this, avoid storing bags, towels and boxes in them, which will wear out quickly and irreparably.

The rags used daily in the kitchen to wipe hands or dishes should not be kept there either, as they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, produced by the humidity of the place. And considering that it is a garment that will be in contact with your , it is not advisable to keep it there.

Bacteria and moisture can seep into the bottom of the sink and affect what you store there.

Although it seems obvious, it is absolutely forbidden to store electrical appliances in it, as will damage them irreparably and, even worse, can cause an accident. It is also not a good place to store certain foods, such as onions or potatoes. It is not hygienic and, moreover, these foods need a dry place to be stored. Knowing all this, check everything you store under the sink and avoid making mistakes.

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