Which zodiac sign is the most jealous? Find out with an astrological analysis

Horoscopes can help us get to know the unknown and secret aspects of our and relationships. Indeed, it can guide us in the way we face the different situations of our life as a couple on a daily basis.

In this sense, it's necessary to specify which signs are the most distrustful of their partners, those who, because of their characteristics, are undoubtedly the most jealous.

Jealousy can completely destroy a relationship, with or without reason. For this reason, before starting a relationship with another person and getting excited, it's a good idea to start by getting to know the other a little better and getting to know their horoscope, as this can give you clues as to what lies ahead in your relationship as a couple.


When it comes to talking about the most distrustful with their partners, the king of them all is , a zodiac sign whose main characteristic in the field of is that it is always very aware of everything its partner is doing. to the point where, in some cases, it can become somewhat overwhelming.

You feel thrown into various elements that can be detrimental to you, especially when it comes to sentimental relationships. People born under this zodiac sign don't trust anyone, not even themselves, so it's important that you're in a relationship in which you have total trust or you'll have a very bad time.


Another of those zodiac signs that is very jealous by nature is , who can become unfaithful and keeps a very close eye on his partner, unable to see beyond an innocent conversation between two people that their jealousy can subside. As a general rule, he will do everything in his power to distance himself from anything he considers detrimental to himself.

If you want to have a long-term relationship with someone born under this zodiac sign, you won't be able to go out in the evening, or you'll find that she positions herself in a rather complicated way. These are people who know perfectly well the art of flirting and see it even in situations where they shouldn't have to, thus arousing a jealousy that can affect any sentimental relationship in a very negative way.

Geminis have some difficulty finding stable relationships, both because of their jealousy and their need to enjoy an appropriate dose of independence and freedom.


couldn't miss out on this list either, who is a jealous textbook, but in his case, unlike with other zodiac signs who are more jealous, it's only on occasions when they really give him reasons.

If this sign's love life has been affected by what his own heart dictates, after several unexpected break-ups, he won't be able to prevent his partner's distrust from being raised, with all that this implies.

This is an earth sign who, as a rule, tends to be fairly realistic in various areas of life, with the exception of love, in which he gets completely carried away and this can play tricks on him, largely because of this jealousy which can considerably weaken your sentimental relationships.

Taurus relationships, on the other hand, are full of kind gestures, intense moments and romantic details, because they like their partner to feel loved and comfortable by their side. However, the fact that they are jealous and somewhat possessive often makes it difficult for them to establish lasting relationships, being one of their main problems in the sentimental field.


The fourth most distrustful and jealous of the zodiac signs is , a zodiac who likes to get all the attention. He likes to be at the center of the relationship and this leads him, in one way or another, to be jealous of practically anyone else. This means you should be more aware of what your own heart is telling you and the different insecurities you may be transmitting to your partner. These are people who, at 75%, are jealous.

Beyond their jealousy, it must be said that when a Libra falls in love, she gives herself totally to her relationship, with limits set by her own heart, letting herself be carried away without a care in the world. Despite the fact that their interests are said to be very much focused on the physical aspect, they are also people who value the insides of others.

Once you've gotten to know another person and they've seduced you, you won't want to let them go, because you place a high value on having found someone who can meet the requirements you're looking for. This will lead them to try to get the best version of themselves and to get as involved as possible. In love, they are thoughtful, gentle, romantic and sensitive, but also jealous.

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