Who Knew? Clean Your Dog Without Bathing Him – Find Out How Here!

to keep your best four-legged friend with a perfect coat without having to put him in the bathtub very often.

The benefits of living with a are widely known: they accompany us in loneliness, reduce stress, help us to improve our physical shape by forcing us to go outdoors and are ideal to give us and feel happier. In return, we only have to give them a lot of love, the they need and the proper care in their daily lives.

A good part of this care has to do with cleanliness. There are many breeds of dogs and each one of them has different characteristics: some shed more or less hair, others have a stronger or weaker smell, etc. But if we want to have our pet always impeccable we have to take care of it… and we don't always know the right way to do it.

For example: when it comes to bathing our dog, experts say that the usual period is between once a month for long-haired dogs and once every two months for short-haired dogs. And that's not counting that don't like water. But, in between, how can you clean your dog without bathing him? Here are a few to keep your best four-legged friend perfect in his day-to-day life.

How to clean your dog

The first thing to know is that we cannot use the same shampoos with our pet as we use ourselves, since the PH of the is different and they need special products for animals. But, in addition, here you will be able to see that there are other methods to keep your dog in perfect condition, even if he has not been in the bathtub.

The first trick to keep his coat perfect is to brush him often. Experts recommend them on alternate days, that is, every other day, because that way they will always have a perfect coat. In addition, for long-haired dogs, we recommend having a special brush that removes dead hair and that you can pass it every week, as this will help to eliminate knots and clean up the rest of the coat and avoid having to bathe it.

Another good tip is to use dry shampoos. You will not only find them in pet specialty stores, but many department stores already have them on their shelves because of the convenience they offer. These shampoos are applied on the dog's coat to remove grease and, incidentally, bad odors. Let it act for a few minutes and then brush it to make it radiant.

It is not good to bathe dogs often, but they should be kept clean and well cared for.

In addition, we recommend that you use specific pet wipes. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also practical and very economical. They will help you remove surface dirt from the coat if it gets stained while playing in the park or running around with other pets. You just have to be careful not to pass them near your pet's ears or , as they could be harmful.

Finally, a trick for your daily life: if you go for a walk and your dog comes home wet from the rain or because he has played in a puddle or fountain, always have a towel at the entrance of the house that you only use with your pet. Dry it before entering, eliminating all the possible humidity, and when it has been a while and it is dry, brush it to remove the possible remains of humidity or dirt. This way you will get that it does not smell bad almost effortlessly.

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