Why do moths attack your closet? Discover the 6 factors that attract them!

the moth

, those little pests dreaded by all lovers of quality clothing, can quickly turn your wardrobe into the ideal playground.

But don't worry, moths are becoming less and less common thanks to strict sanitary measures such as dry-. However, it's still best to take to prevent them from taking up residence in your home. Here are a few from exterminators to keep moths out of your closet.

1. Reduce storage and clean thoroughly

According to entomologists, moths have a preference for dark, quiet places, which is why they usually attack that have been stored and unused for a long time. To avoid this, we recommend keeping storage to a minimum. If this isn't possible, regularly deep clean your closet by vacuuming and reducing clutter. Store your clothes in airtight bags for extra .

2. Avoid overcrowding

Another reason moths can take up residence in your closet is . When clothes are too tightly packed, air can't circulate properly, creating a dark, damp environment, perfect for moths. Hang your clothes loosely enough so that there's a little space between each piece, and don't overcrowd your shelves. Regularly sort through your belongings to keep only what you actually wear.

3. Wash second-hand items immediately

Moths aren't a common problem in modern homes, but they can be unwittingly brought into your home by second-hand items. Don't make the mistake of not washing clothes, furniture, carpets, blankets and other textile items as soon as you bring them home. Inspect them carefully and wash or clean them as soon as possible to avoid infestation.

4. Eliminate food sources

Moths are attracted to piles of laundry overflowing onto your closet floor, as well as to pet hair, which is another source. Regularly clean any clothes or furniture on which your pet may shed. Make sure you also clean the bottom of your basket and any crevices in your closet where dust and hair can accumulate.

5. Choose synthetic fibers

Moths are particularly attracted to natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, fur and silk, which are rich in the nutrients they need to survive the larval stage. On the other hand, synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon are less attractive to moths, as they lack nutrients and organic matter. We therefore recommend keeping these natural fibers clean or storing them in airtight bags, especially during the off-season.

6. Take preventive measures

If your closet has already been invaded by other pests, there's a good chance that moths will find a home there too, as they feed on nesting materials and animal carcasses. So take steps to prevent these creatures from entering your home by keeping spaces clean, sealing possible entry points and minimizing clutter in your yard. In the event of a confirmed infestation, call in a qualified professional for effective control.

By following these simple tips, you can prevent moths in your closet and keep your clothes in perfect condition. Take good care of your wardrobe and you'll never again fall victim to these unwanted little pests.

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