Why do Taylor Swift fans forget her concert?

An unforgettable musical experience or a memory black hole? Explore the mysterious phenomenon that makes Taylor Swift fans remember nothing after attending her concerts.

A memorable concert… or not?

A disconcerting phenomenon is intriguing the music world: fans of Taylor Swift, who attended her recent “The Eras Tour”, have no memory of their evening. “I was in Houston, and I know I had a lot of fun and sang my heart out, but I don't remember a thing! I remember the moment before and after the concert, but nothing during.” This testimony, among many others, reveals a disturbing phenomenon. The singer's charm seems so powerful that some compare it to a bewitching ritual, particularly during the performance of her song “Willow”.

An unforgettable musical journey… in theory

Many fans, despite their excitement at seeing their idol live, struggle to remember the event. If it weren't for the myriad of videos on their phones, they'd wonder if they were even there. Frustrating when you consider how difficult it is to get a ticket for this popular show. However, this strange phenomenon of post-concert amnesia could find an explanation in science.

Intense emotion: a cerebral upheaval

Fans' excitement at seeing Taylor Swift perform is so intense that it alters the way their brains process information. Ewan McNay, professor of at the State University of New York, explains that when we feel an intense emotion, our cerebral amygdala releases norepinephrine. This neurotransmitter enables the experience to be remembered with a higher priority than others, making the memory easier to relive.

A chemical reaction at the heart of the mystery

But what happens when emotion is too intense? The body interprets this emotional overload as stress. And the brain's reaction to this stress is quite different. According to McNay, neurons associated with memory are activated indiscriminately, making it more difficult to the experience.

A universal reaction, not just for Taylor Swift fans

This phenomenon is not exclusive to Taylor Swift fans; it can occur whenever an individual finds themselves in an intense emotional state. Psychological research has shown that stress releases hormones that affect the brain's ability to store . Furthermore, in response to stress, our bodies prepare to either fight or flee, concentrating our resources on these two options rather than on memorization.

Prepare your body for the show

So how can you avoid losing those precious memories? It might be difficult to control your emotions during such an event, but avoiding alcohol or caffeine consumption could help the body better manage the excitement, allowing the experience to be better remembered.

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